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Anyone who saw [i]Carefree[/i]...


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Hello all! I'm having a bit of a problem and anyone who can offer any help can be assured to be on my buddy list!


I recorded Fred Astaire's Carefree early Sunday morning and sat down to watch it just then. To my dismay the visual would freeze every two or three minutes and jump back a few seconds later. I'm upset about not getting the film... But even more so about something being wrong with my dvd-r. Did anyone else catch this film and did you notice any picture problems like I just described? I'm going away for a few days and want to make sure my recorder is up to snuff.


Thanks in advance,




ps... sorry for posting this in the "discussion" thread, but the sooner the reply the better! So excuse my intrusion!

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Big thanks, vallo13 and MissGoddess!


vallo13, that was your satelite because I actually recorded Thin Man myself without incident. Last night I did a test run with my recorder and it was my satelite during Carefree as well.


*sigh of relief*


Thanks again to the both of you,



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The broadcasting trade name for what you saw during the broadcast of "Carefree" is "digital mistracking" or simply "mistracking". It is similar to a compact disc skipping, sometimes stopping in a compact disc player, and what use to happen on a vinyl disc skipping on a vinyl record player.


This phenomenon is an occurrence which happens intermittently on all network television systems which broadcast their programs through video automation software. So get use to this occurrence until some company discovers new technology to eradicate this annoying problem.

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