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DVD players are down to (under) $30 now - I'm surprised your school doesn't have several. It would be a good investment, even for you just to buy and keep at school, if you show movies with any regularity. You could wind up spending more for a couple of VHS tapes (as they get scarcer) than on the machine.


Also (and I really mean this in a friendly way), please watch your "Caps Lock" key - there are people on the internet (and these threads particularly) who get very upset by "all caps" - in internet usage it's called SHOUTING! In your case it was obvious the caps lock had reversed everything, but.....


Good luck on your movie - but get a DVD player.



PS - In my school it got so bad before I retired four years ago that we were even having problems being allowed to show the materials that came with our text materials!!! Again, good luck.

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Joan of Arc is currently out of print on VHS and has NEVER been made available on DVD. The reason is simple, yet confusing. Independent producer Walter Wanger made the movie with monies from David O. Selznick, Merian C. Cooper and a few other interests. The film was eventually distributed by Republic Studios in the U.S. Republic folded shortly thereafter. Republic Video is currently a satellite company of Paramount Home Video but Paramount has relinquished most rights to its pre-50s product to Universal Home Video. Joan doesn't seem to be one of the films in their holdings.


If you want to find out who owns this title my suggestion would be to contact some of the major studios by personal plea and ask them if they can point you in the right direction. I would start with Universal. I'd also give Warner Home Video a shout. You'll be able to access online contact info for all of these studios at a sight called The Digital Bits. In the left hand column you'll see a surf the links button. All studio info is located there.


Hope this was useful.

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