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Favorite Movie Song


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My favorite song of all time is from a movie, The Sandpiper---it's "The Shadow of Your Smile" by Johnny Mandel. My second favorite, is from Pal Joey, "The Lady is a Tramp" by Rodgers & Hart. Others I can listen to endlessly are:

"Laura" from the movie of the same name

"Love is a Many Splendored Thing" from same

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

"Cheek to Cheek" from Top Hat

"Change Partners" from Carefree

"Never Gonna Dance" from Swingtime

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" from Shall We Dance?

"Night and Day" from The Gay Divorcee

Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago

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I like this ... Here goes, Miss Goddess ...


This is my favorite... Dinah from The Big Broadcast of 1933

Moses Supposes from Singin' in the Rain

Captain Custard and Sweet Potatoe Piper from Road to Singapore

Cheek to Cheek from Top Hat

May I? from We're Not Dressing

I Fall in Love Too Easily from Anchor's Aweigh

Ho-Hum from Road to Morocco

You Don't Have to Know the Language from Road to Rio


and all songs from The King of Jazz... but esp. So the Bluebirds and the Blackbirds Got Together


I'll remember more and hope that i reserve the right to add them later, lol


As you can see, I am a huge Bing fan... There's no denying it.

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You have excellent taste! Bing Crosby is one of the greats. I have a thing for baritones. :)


I was introduced to "the American Songbook" via the Astaire/Rogers musicals, and then through my love of all things Sinatra. As I learn more and more about the different artists and TCM shows their movies, like Bing's early ones, my list of favorites grows. Are you getting the new boxed set of Crosby movies that's coming out?

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I didn't know there was a new box set coming out... If it has Bing's early films on it you can count me in! I really want to see Bing's She Loves Me Not and a couple other old works from the early 30's.


I have alot of his albums and can sing most of his tunes from heart. My mother was very cautious about 30's and 40's music until I started playing Bing in the car... I think it's funny because I catch her sining "Road to Morocco" every other day in the kitchen.


Frank Sinatra is a little different for me. I didn't like his music at all but then I saw The Tender Trap and fell in love with him as an actor. I actually think he had a very nice voice in his earlier movies... lol Even some of his later stuff is catching on now!



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"Bonjour Paris"-Funny Face

"Singin' In The Rain"

"Crazyhorse"-The Girl Most Likely

"Fella With An Umbrella"-In the Good Old Summertime

"For Me And MY Gal"

"Ryan To O'brian"-Take Me Out To The Ballgame(double play song)

"Oompa Loompa"-Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

"Tammy's In Love"-Tammy And The Bachelor

"Clap Yo Hands"-Funny Face

"Why can't the english learn to speak?"-My Fair Lady

"Shall we dance"-King and I


Later on I'll add the rest I can't think of at the moment.

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Here is the link telling about Bing's Box Set (and yes, there are early titles):



The "Road" movies are full of smiles-for-miles!


I love Sinatra with a passion---his music gets to me like no other performer and I really think highly of him as an actor, especially in dramatic roles.


Miss G

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The "Ascot Gavotte" from My Fair Lady. So whimsical how everyone in the race track crowd is absolutely motionless and expressionless when they sing it.




Ladies and Gentlemen

Ev'ry duke and earl and peer is here

Ev'ryone who should be here is here.

What a smashing, positively dashing

Spectacle: the Ascot op'ning day.

At the gate are all the horses

Waiting for the cue to fly away.

What a gripping, absolutely ripping

Moment at the Ascot op'ning day.

Pulses rushing! Faces flushing!

Heartbeats speed up! I have never been so keyed up!

And second now They'll begin to run. Hark!

A bell is ringing, They are springing Forward Look!

It has begun...! What a frenzied moment that was!

Didn't they maintain an exhausting pace?

'Twas a thrilling, absolutely chilling Running of the

Ascot op'ning race.

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Gigi is a great musical. My favorite song is "I Remember it Well."


He: (She:)


We met at nine. (We met at eight.)

I was on time. (No, you were late.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.


We dined with friends. (We dined alone.)

A tenor sang. (A baritone.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.


That dazzling April moon! (There was none that night,

And the month was June.)


That's right! That's right!

(It warms my heart to know that

you remember still the way you do.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.


How often I've thought of that Friday, (Monday)


when we had our last rendez-vous.

And somehow I've foolishly wondered

if you might by some chance be

thinking of it too?


That carriage ride. (You walked me home.)

You lost a glove. (I lost a comb.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.


That brilliant sky. (We had some rain.)

Those Russian songs. (From sunny Spain.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.


You wore a gown of gold. (I was all in blue.)

Am I getting old?

(Oh no! Not you!

How strong you were,

how young and gay;

A prince of love in every way.)

Ah yes! I remember it well.

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Another pair of movie songs I love: "A Fine Romance" from Swing Time and the Trolley Song (or whatever it's called) from Meet Me In St. Louis. I downloaded both from ITunes and made a playlist of '30s and '40s music on my IPod. So there is some benefit to new-fangled technologies after all (hee hee!)

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I know this is going to sound "morbid" but in the movie "The Victors" they are leading a soldier to be tied to a post to be executed on Christmas Day. To make a statement (The director of the movie Carl Foreman),you see the soldier being marched to his death and hear in the background Frank Sinatra singing "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas", my favorite Christmas Song. But not my favorite Christmas moment on film.



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I was discussing i-Pods at another classic movie forum and I am seriously considering getting one soon. I have a Sony discman now and it's very clumsy to carry. I have resisted because I don't like seeing people walking around ignoring each other even more than usual (I live in Manhattan and it seems everyone has an i-Pod). But (she sighs) I do love the idea of listening to my favorite music anytime, anywhere.


miss g

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My ipod was a gift last Christmas. I am not big on gadgets, and until I had one, I didn't see the point. ("It stores music ... and ...?") But it is fun. I am too disorganized to tote around multiple CDs and tapes. More importantly though, I've found itunes a good way to discover additional classical music and music from eras I hadn't explored before, e.g. the 30s. I entered "Fred Astaire" into its search window and it pulled up songs Astaire sang in movies!!! :) That has been the best part of the experience for me.


They are expensive :( . I learned, though, that a small portion of the proceeds from the red ones goes to fund AIDS efforts in Africa. So that clinched it and I just sent someone a red one as a gift.


End of commercial.

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