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New Errol Flynn Book


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Hope it's better than the other "BS" books written about him. Full of lies about his lifestyle and sexual habits. It's probably the same as the others because that's why a lot of people buy trashy books and they become "Best Sellers" because they love to read unfounded gossip. They will believe anything because "Someone Wrote a Book About It, so it Must Be True" For me I'll save my money and buy another DVD on Flynn like my favorite "The Charge of the Light Brigade".



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Well, this isn't exactly news or anything. :P


That advert has been up for MONTHS. I think I ordered my copy back in the spring!


The publication date keeps getting pushed back. First it was to come out on June 20th (Errol Flynn's birthday)...then we were put on hold for a while when that didn't happen. Then a new date of September 8th was announced. That didn't happen either.


Several weeks ago, they changed that advert and, if you notice, are now not giving a date.


So I'll believe it when I see it.


I am very excited about the prospect of Rory Flynn's comments and memories of her father...but do yourself a favor and don't hold your breath waiting for the release of this book anytime soon....or you'll no doubt be disappointed.


I think it will EVENTUALLY come out...but until it's in the mail to me, I won't get too excited.

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It's like waiting for Olivia de Havilland's autobiography! So tantalizingly near and yet so far. :)


Last night I rented a dvd of a documentary on Flynn made in 1993, "Erroll Flynn: The Greatest Swashbuckler" and while it wasn't half as good as the recent TCM production, it did have interviews from people still living who knew Flynn personally, including his old boss, Warner Bros. chief Hal Wallis, and family members. That was interesting. However, I have come to appreciate how fortunate we classic movie buffs are today at having so many pristine prints of our favorites to look at---the clips in this documentary were so execrable that it's a wonder anyone new to the mystique of Flynn would be able to grasp his appeal. For instance, his most famous movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood---one of the most gorgeous Technicolor films ever made--was shown not only in black-and-white, but in crappy, scratchy black-and-white! Yikes! Thank goodness TCM made a new documentary with beautiful clips of this beautiful man.


Miss G

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