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When Radio was King II


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Hello Folks:

I am writing in response to a thread started a year and a half ago about Old Time Radio Memories..Since that thread is archived I thought I would start up again..Being 48 years old, I am not old enough to remember the Heyday of radio (roughly 1930-60)..But have become a fan through shows like When Radio Was, and others on 50kw radio stations I could pick up at night..In the early days of Satellite TV, My brother's big dish would pick up Yesterday USA, a station that would have OTR and Old time music shows..It is still online today. I listen to XM Satellite Radio which has a 24/7 OTR channel..Favorite shows:


Fibber McGee And Molly

Great Gildersleeve

Jack Benny

Our Miss Brooks

Casey Crime Photographer

The Shadow

Boston ****

Grand Ole Opry

Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show


It was mentioned in the Other thread about Fibber and Molly making a movie..They actually made 3 in starring roles and one other as supporting characters..


This Way Please 1937 (supporting roles)

Look who's Laughing 1941 (Starred with Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy)

Here We Go Again 1942 (Again with Bergen/McCarthy)

Heavenly Days 1944


At least the last 3 have been shown on TCM in the past..


I apologize if this ground have been covered in the recent past..

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Hi Tim. I am way too young to have any "memories" of old time radio also, but I sometimes buy recordings of old radio programs from eBay or Amazon.com. For example, I have a Barbara Stanwyck radio collection in which she does radio versions of Stella Dallas and other things.


Glad you started this thread.

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The radio shows I remember as a kid were "Follow That Man" with Ralph Bellamy and "The Lone Ranger" with Bud Collyer (SP?) you know the guy that hosted "Beat the Clock" on television presented by Sylvania Television. I also remember my mother listening on the radio every afternoon to her "Radio Soap Operas" "Young Doctor Malone" with Sandy Becker and a show I think called "My Girl Friday" I loved the Bob & Ray show and to this day think the material and routines they did were hilarious! They were heads above any of the "Funny" DJ's they have on the radio today! How I miss them! "So write if you find work" and "Hang By your Thumbs". This is Wally Baloo signing off!



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