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Christmas Movies


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Just a thought from me...I would be so happy if TCM showed Christmas movies all day and night from Thanksgiving through Christmas. There are so many good Christmas movies and I can't get enough of them.

I record them all as they come on so I will have a good library of Christmas classics.

Happy Holidays,


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Oh no, please. Not all of us want to be hit over the head with Christmas 24/7. It's bad enough some radio stations play all Christmas music for 2 months. A Christmas film every once in a while is OK, but there's a limit to everything.


Happy Holidays to you too, by the way :-)


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I agree if they did show christmas movies 24/7/7 would be to much like you also said the radio stations play it for a month or two we have a station that plays it for a day in June on the 25th to remind christmas is 6 months away.even a month is to much we have three stations that do that of course that I like so change it to jazz which I like anyway. Happy Holidays to everyone> Let It Snow Let It Snow.


Again Happy Holidays


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You need to remember, that TCM programs to a large national audience with varied tastes and to run any kind of movie 24/7 for month would be a turnoff for large segments of that audience. As it is, TCM has their hands full now just trying program a balanced schedule to please as many of their viewers as possible. Even then they get loads of complaints. Just read some of the posts, here on the boards, when they do a full day a certain star or musicals or westerns or whatever and see what I mean.

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Happy Holidays, Susu

Thanks for your Christmas enthusiasm. It's my FAVORITE time of year and I agree with you that TCM should bring out the Christmas movies, cartoons, shorts, etc. for a non-stop run, but can we cut it down to a week. (I don't know about you, but my collection can sustain me until then-beginning (of course) the day after Thanksgiving.)

As for Christmas music-that's all I play from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas night. (And my car radio stays on the station that does the same.) There's so much(great) Christmas music out there and I only listen to it one month out of the year...I don't why this drives most people crazy.

At my former job, I would always try to engage my co-workers in Christmas-related conversation...most of the time they would look at me as if I belonged to some "cult." As a matter of fact, my partner and I were talking this morning about what our theme will be this year...for our front yard display. Anybody have any suggestions?

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I hope TCM plays and replays "Since You Went Away," "Holiday Inn," "White Christmas" and the original "Christmas Carol"--over and over and over again. I never get tired of those old classics. Does anyone remember that charming little black and white animated short from the 50s called "Susie Snowflake." It begins "Here Comes Susiie Snowflake, look at her snow white gown," and there were several other l950s black and white animated shorts. "The Bishop's Wife" is a goodie, too, but you have to stay with it to understand what's going on and what Cary Grant's up to. And let's not forget 'Home Alone," one of my all-time faves. It still brings tears to my poor lillte eyes at the ending.

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"You'll shoot your eye out kid!!"



Yes..THAT one....


"Fraaaageeeleeee" - must be Italian"


"Oh F-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ddddggggeee" "Only I didn't say Fudge!"


As someone who, at eight, was blonde,slightly pudgy, and wore glasses, I cannot HELP but love this movie!


The commentary on the DVD version, which consists of a running conversation between the director, Bob Clark, and the now-grown up Peter Billingsley, is as interesting as any I have heard...they make the quite sensible comment that Flick, Ralphie, and Schwartz had the real potential to grow up to be the kids from PORKY'S.....


"I told you to never use Lifebuoy!"

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