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Pete Smith Specialties

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Does anyone know if these are available on DVD or if there are plans to produce them?


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The problem is that there are so many of them. Plus a great many not shown on TCM, such as his annual "Football Thrills" sub-series. No clue why, except perhaps TCM thinks they are too "of their time" and nobody viewing would recognize the athletes featured?

All Smithies available now are extras with DVD feature films and I am sure you can count barely 20 as of now.

I also would like to see the Historical Mysteries and Passing Parade shorts that MGM put out in the thirties and forties with Carey Wilson and John Nesbitt narrating. Now that was a smaller series that could be released all at once, but how many other than us shorties geeks ever heard of them aside from their periodical TCM airings?

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Your wish has come true. Took three years, but we are getting there. 😊


No clue if Audioscopiks (1935) and its two 3-D follow-ups (New Audioscopiks '38 & Third-Dimensional Murder '41) are included. Technically they weren't part of the series. Neither were the earlier 1931-36 MGM “Oddities” that Pete narrated. My guess is that we are covering the following 74 at least.

  • Killer-Dog (directed by Jacques Tourneur) / Aug 29, 1936 Doggie drama featuring Ralph Byrd, Sally Martin, Babs Nelson and Betty Ross Clarke

  • Behind The Headlines (Edward Cahn) / Sep 12, 1936 Covers newspapers

  • Olympic Ski Champions / Oct 3, 1936 Covers Winter Olympics in the Bavarian Alps

  • Sports On Ice / Oct 10, 1936 Includes bobsled racing

  • Hurling (David Miller) / Nov 14, 1936 The Irish sport

  • Wanted: A Master (Guther Von Fritsch) / Dec 26, 1936 (Academy Award Nominee) A pooch tries to find one before the dog catcher gets him. Try the bar!

  • Dexterity (David Miller) / Jan 16, 1937 Features Harry Jackson with a whip, Vyrl Jackson pitching horseshoes blindfolded and Paul Sydell's dogs doing balancing tricks

  • Gilding The Lily (David Miller) / Feb 6, 1937 History of feminine makeup

  • Bar-Rac's Night Out (Earl Frank) Feb 27, 1937 Antics of a raccoon

  • Penny Wisdom (David Miller) / Apr 10, 1937 (Academy Award Winner, Color) Technicolor cooking reel. Gertrude Short plays Mrs. Smudge who needs Prudence Penny, newspaper columnist decked in her expensive furs, to rescue her and her pet spaniel in the kitchen. Result: a high calorie din-din complete with sausage overkill (eww!) and baked ice-cream (yum!)

  • Tennis Tactics (David Miller & Fred Perry) May 1, 1937 Pro Fred Perry demonstrates his best moves

  • The Grand Bounce (Jacques Tourneur) / May 22, 1937 Harry (Del Henderson) writes a check to cover a gambling debt but discovers the banks are closed. J. Carrol Nash has a bit role as a thug. Also included are Barbara Bedford, Margaret Bert and John Kelly.

  • Golf Mistakes (Felix Feist) / Jun 12, 1937 Sports "How To" with Lawson Little, Horton Smith, Harry Cooper & Jimmy Thompson

  • Equestrian Acrobatics (Equestrian Acrobats) (David Miller) / Aug 14, 1937 Features the Cristiani Family and their horse oriented acrobatics

  • Pigskin Champions (Charles Clarke) / Aug 14, 1937 The Green Bay Packers teach football tips

  • Jungle Juveniles (John Haeseler) / Oct 21, 1937 Adventures of kids and chimps. Features Peter Behn.

  • The Romance Of Radium (Felix Feist & Jacques Tourneur) / Oct 23, 1937 (Academy Award Nominee) A background on radium and its properties with expert footage of it in action supplied by Eddie Hart. In the historical segments: André Cheron plays Henri Bequerel and Emmett Vogan plays Pierre Curie.

  • Ski Skill / Oct 23, 1937 Title says it all

  • Decathlon Champion (Felix Feist) / Nov 20, 1937 Features Glenn Morris in training

  • Candid Cameramaniacs (Hal Yates) / Dec 11, 1937 A short history of photography including its "prehistory" of 4th century BC.

  • Friend Indeed (Fred Zinnemann) / Jan 1, 1938 Story of a blind man and his dog

  • Jungle Juveniles #2 (John Haeseler) / Jan 29, 1938 More kids, chimps, along with elephants

  • Three On A Rope (Willard Vander Veer) / Feb 19, 1938 Mountaineers climb Mt. Baldy

  • La Savate (David Miller) / Mar 12, 1938 Technicolor demonstration of French boxing

  • Penny's Party (David Miller) / Apr 9, 1938 Prudence Penny and Gwen Lee give more cooking tips in Technicolor

  • Modeling For Money (David Miller) / Apr 30, 1938 A "behind the scenes" look at modeling. This and a few others were initially released in sepiatone, tinted black & white. Most likely we will get them in black & white since they were seldom reissued that way.

  • Surf Heroes (Charles Trego) / May 28, 1938 Features Santa Monica's lifeguards

  • The Story Of Dr. Carver (Fred Zimmerman) / Jun 18, 1938 Bio of George Washington Carver, played by Clinton Rosemond

  • Anesthesia (Will Jason) / Jul 9, 1938 History of anesthesia since ancient Egypt

  • Follow The Arrow (Felix Feist) / Jul 30, 1938 Lessons in archery

  • Fisticuffs (David Miller) / Aug 27, 1938 Initially released in sepiatone, features champion Max Baer in the ring

  • Football Thrills Of 1937 (Pete Smith) / Sep 10, 1938 Collage of the best moments of the past football season, covering Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Fordham, Cornell and Texas Christian, Northwestern, Purdue, U.S. Navy and University of Southern California

  • Grid Rules (Edward Cahn) / Oct 15, 1938 Initially sepiatone. Covers the rules of football

  • Hot On Ice (Willard VanderVeer) / Oct 22, 1938 Initially sepiatone. Features ice hockey at Loyola University

  • Man's Greatest Friend (Joe Newman) / Nov 19, 1938 Initially sepiatone. Shows dogs in scientific research

  • Penny's Picnic (Will Jason) / Dec 17, 1938 Prudence Penny offers picnic ideas in glorious Technicolor

  • Double Diving (Felix Feist) / Jan 14, 1939 Initially sepiatone. Covers championship diving

  • Heroes At Leisure (Charles Trego) / Feb 1, 1939 What lifeguards do off-season

  • Marine Circus (James A. FitzPatrick) / Mar 11, 1939 Technicolor tour of Florida's Marine Studios aquarium. This was possibly intended for the Traveltalk series, being filmed in late 1938 concurrent to Quaint St. Augustine and the 1941 released Glimpses Of Florida.

  • Weather Wizards (Fred Zinnemann) / Apr 8, 1939 A tribute to meteorologists and how they aid a citrus farm

  • Radio Hams (Felix Feist) / May 20, 1939 Shows how amateur enthusiasts aid aircraft using morse code

  • Poetry Of Nature (Mervyn Freeman) / Jun 17, 1939 The California's Redwood forests (in sepiatone initially) spotlighting Mr. Crow, with support by gray foxes, black bears, hawks and other critters

  • Culinary Carving (Felix Feist) / Jul 1, 1939 Sally Payne offers cooking techniques

  • Take A Cue (Felix Feist) / Aug 12, 1939 Initially sepiatone. Charles Peterson gives tips on billiards

  • Football Thrills Of 1938 / Sep 16, 1939 Initially in sepiatone. Includes Carnegie Tech defeating Pittsburgh and the U.S. Army vs. Columbia

  • Set 'Em Up (Felix Feist) / Oct 7, 1939 Initially sepiatone. Andy Varipapa and Ned Day give bowling lessons

  • Let's Talk Turkey (Felix Feist) / Oct 28, 1939 Dinnertime comedy with the ornery family. Max O. Cullen and Billy Newell are credited here.

  • Romance Of The Potato (Sammy Lee) / Dec 9, 1939 Maybe not so romantic but still a good lecture on potatoes

  • Ski Birds (Charles Trego) / Dec 18, 1939 The un-feathered human skiing kind

  • Maintain The Right (Joe Newman) / Jan 13, 1940 Features the Canadian Mounted Police

  • What's Your I.Q.? / Feb 10, 1940 In sepiatone initially, this is an audience-participation quiz.

  • Stuffie (Fred Zinnemann) / Mar 2, 1940 In sepiatone initially, a tale of a heroic dog.

  • The Domineering Male (John Hines) / Mar 30, 1940 The first of several comedies covering gender differences 1940s style. Does the man chase the woman or is it the other way around?

  • Spots Before You Eyes (John Hines) / May 4, 1940 Features a demonstration by Ernest Jones

  • What's Your 'I.Q.'? Number Two (George Sidney) / Jun 8, 1940 Initially sepiatone. Questions and answers on various subjects from Lady Godiva to the Panama Canal.

  • Cat College (Joe Newman) / Jun 29, 1940 Initially sepiatone. Famed lion tamer Clyde Beatty with some pretty college girls.

  • Social Sea Lions (John Hines) / Jul 20, 1940 Initially sepiatone. Three California sea lions are let loose in a beach house

  • Please Answer (What's Your I.Q. - No. 3) (Roy Rowland) / Aug 24, 1940 Much like the previous “What's Your IQ?”, covering topics like Portuguese man-of-war and the Rosetta Stone

  • Football Thrills Of 1939 / Sep 21, 1940 Initially in sepiatone

  • Quicker Than A Wink (Quicker 'N A Wink) (George Sidney) / Oct 12, 1940 (Academy Award Winner, One Reel) Features slow motion photography with Harold E. Edgerton, who was still surprising movie goers and TV viewers with his stroboscopic effects decades later (see also National Geographic special of 1979 The Invisible World.)

  • Wedding Bills (Felix Feist) / Nov 3, 1940 The literal costs of marriage

  • Sea For Yourself (Charles Trego) / Dec 21, 1940 Covers spear-fishing

  • Penny To The Rescue (Will Jason) / Jan 25, 1941 One more Technicolor cooking reel with Prudence Penny

  • Quiz Biz (What's Your I.Q. - No. 4) (Will Jason) / Feb 8, 1941 Initially in sepiatone, this is like the earlier quiz reels covering onions, the origin of words, etc.

  • Memory Tricks (Will Jason) / Mar 15, 1941 Initially in sepiatone. Methods of improving memory using nursery rhymes.

  • Aeronutics (Francis Corby & S.B. Harrison) / Apr 26, 1941 Initially in sepiatone. Learning to fly with student pilots.

  • Lions On The Loose (Marjorie Freeman) / May 24, 1941 Initially in sepiatone. Filmed at a California zoo.

  • Cuban Rhythm (Will Jason) / Jun 14, 1941 Initially in sepiatone. Comic dancing lessons.

  • Water Bugs (Will Jason) / Aug 16, 1941 This membership practice their water skiing and paddle boating in local California lakes.

  • Football Thrills Of 1940 / Sep 20, 1941 Initially in sepiatone.

  • Flicker Memories (George Sidney) / Oct 4, 1941 Initially in sepiatone. Nickelodeon short compilation.

  • Army Champions (Paul Vogel) / Oct 11, 1941 (Academy Award Nominee) Initially in sepiatone. One of many military preparedness shorts released before Pearl Harbor, showing how sports team work can work equally well with the U.S. Army.

  • Fancy Answers (What's Your I.Q. - No. 5) (Basil Wrangell) / Nov 1, 1941 Initially sepiatone. Topics include the US flag and zebras. Ava Gardner has a peekaboo scene in a dramatization scenario as a girl at a recital.

  • How To Hold Your Husband Back (John Hines) / Dec 13, 1941 Initially sepiatone. Director Johnny Hines and Vince Barnett play two of the case studies here, one is subject to an clingy newlywed, another a poker-partaking wife and yet another a pacifist getting him out of the draft. Buddy Adler co-wrote.

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