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More likely to. ....

Cathy or Kenton

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Olivia de Havilland...she seems more grounded and I just can't visualize Ava pushing a cart, or comparing aspirin prices.


Who would most likely win at arm wrestling..Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn?

Interesting POV. I picked Ava because she always remembered her rural poor roots.


Reagan. Errol would pick a fight



Who would more likely be president of the PTA, Susan Hayward or Rita Hayworth?

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Susan Hayward...Rita would be too busy taking "selfies".



Next: Most likely to drive a carpool......Nancy Davis or Jane Wyman?

Jane Wyman always struck me as the kind of person who could get in there and do anything at anytime and be a success at it.


Answer: Jane Wyman



Who would be most likely to cook you a good meal and make sure that you had your favorite cocktails before dinner:


Marlene Dietrich or Jean Harlow?

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I'm gonna say Grace Kelly only because a coast to coast trip would give me ample time, if I boarded in Indianapolis on the way to L.A to steal Grace's Oscar so I could give it to Judy who truly deserved it (sorry Grace I love ya but really "The Country Girl?")



next: who would be more likely to skydive: Jennifer Jones or Gene Tierney?

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Definitely Errol and Ann!  Jimmy was too devoted to his wife to do anything that risqué and June would be too worried about her image as the girl next door to do anything to jeopardize it.  Errol and Annie would be more than up for it !


next: more likely to  enter a religious order:  Frances Farmer or Frank McHugh

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Don Knotts- he would dress up like Barney Fife in the hopes of eluding capture; inevitably he would be caught and be forced to share a jail cell with Otis the drunk


next: who would be more likely to utilize the "casting couch" to land a role in  a movie: Margaret Hamilton or Margaret Rutherford?

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