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Does this story line ring any bells?


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I've been looking for this movie for 30 years. The angel of death (nice enough chap wearing an overcoat) comes to take a grandfather to heaven. He refuses to go because he doesn't want to leave his grandson. Somehow (I don't remember) the grandfather makes the angel go up the tree in the yard, and stay there until he says otherwise. The family spaniel jumps against the tree, at the angel and falls over dead. The grandfather warns the grandson to stay away from the tree. The angel says he will take the grandson in the grandfather's place. The grandson is walking along the top of a fence and loses his balance and falls. He lies in a coma, in the hospital when the grandfather agrees to go with the angel. It was in black & white and certainly a tear jerker. I just wish I knew the title. I've written to different publications and asked at different video stores, without results. I even wrote to the CBC library because I think that's who broadcast it 30 years ago. I never heard anything. I'm starting to wonder if I may have dreamt the whole thing. It sure made an impact on me. Of course I've only written the skeleton of the plot here. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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