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Finding Name of Movie


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This might be a hard one - Before cable came to my town we used to have "late night" showings of old or classic movies on regular TV. When I was a kid, circa 1980, I was watching one of these films. It wasn't the best film, but one that I liked a lot. My problem is that I don't know the name of it nor can I remember the actors or character names (I was only a kid at the time). Over the years I've always wanted to see it again. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. Here is what I remember of the film - b/w, made possibly late 30's-40's. If I remember correctly the movie centered around a boy (around 8-10 years old). He had a dog and a grandfather (who played an important role in his life). Over the movie the grandfather and dog die...they go to heaven. The movie ends with the boy going to heaven where he is reunited with his grandfather and dog...there is white smoke representing clouds etc...and it is obviously shot on sound stage. Any ideas?

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From what I remember - Act I establishes the relationship between the grandfather/grandson/dog...Act II - the grandfather dies and the kid must comes to terms with this...will he see his grandfather again etc...Act III...the kid dies and joins his grandfather in heaven.

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