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What has happen to Syncopation Station?


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This was discussed a few weeks ago, many of us miss it but we think it has been disbanded due to the fact that 1) Turner no longer owns the MGM muscials in the library and now rents them, 2) Other things have taken over the time slot 3) musicals are simply scattered around during the week now, so you have to watch the schedule to catch them. You may have also noticed that we no longer have the film noir series time slots, or similar 'themes' of movies.



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What happened to Syncopation Station, Darkness After Dawn, and Lone Star Cinema?

TCM has cancelled some of our franchises, in order to gain some more flexibility in programming. The franchises affected are Syncopation Station, Darkness After Dawn, and Lone Star Cinema. TCM Imports has been moved to Sunday, 2:00 AM EST, following Silent Sunday Nights. Taking its place is TCM Underground, which will air on Fridays at midnight. We will still show musicals, westerns, and film-noir titles on TCM, but not necessarily at the time you have become accustomed to seeing them. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.




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> Well stoneyburke, we have been proven right

> all along and those who were adamant that TCM was not

> changing don't want to hear it.


I'm not sure anyone has claimed that TCM isn't changing -- all things change or die. Hopefully it will continue to change. The question is if the changes are for the better or not. So yeah, you're right -- there are changes. I'm not sure that fact earns any sort of moral victory.


I surely don't miss Syncopation Station. Darkness After Dawn was nice, but there's still tons of noir on the schedule, so it's not a bad loss. Ditto Lone Star Cinema. I'd miss Silent Sunday Nights if it disappeared, but as long as I get one or two silents a week I'm not going to be all broken up about it. I love TCMU.


So yeah, the loss of those showcases is a change. But it's not like they cut back on noir, musicals or westerns. All of them are still sprinkled all over the schedule.

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Absolutely, sweetbabykmd.


In this case, it's of no comfort to be right. However, I have not yet moved forward on getting TCM back via another avenue and now may not even bother.


The thing of it is, I am paying the crooks at Cablevision the same amount of money for one less station. Well, two - they also took away the SPEED channel quite awhile ago.


Amazing, ain't it?

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I'll just ignore little ineffective brad for the moment.


mongo, I'm curious. You are revered here for your Birthday tribute and recently showed yourself to be quite the feeling gentleman.


Why, I wonder, do you choose to reply to a post of mine with a continued close minded autocratic Nazi search for board control? You have no right to do so. You ARE aware of that, are you not? Thankfully, she who tried to control this board's thoughts is gone, why do you now continue in her wake?


I will continue to post as I see fit, as will all others here who are not trolls, and allow you to do the same. I wonder at your dual personality, it is not pleasant.


brad, you're just pathetic and small.



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So far in the last 2 years I have not seen changes for the better, and yes, there have been many on these boards insisting that nothing has been changing.

I guess those of you who get to stay home all day and watch the good movies don't really notice anything, but I work so what I see is what is on at primetime and what is on the weekends, and I am not impressed. This past weekend was a joke.

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You are a piece of work, do you know that? Mongo said "Why not...." do whatever and he's trying to control the board? You're really amazing. It's funny how you and Sweetbabykmd think you're the only ones who can express opinions and anybody who contradicts you is "trying to control the board". Just who's being controlling here?


And you can call me names all day long if you'd like, I promise you I won't lose one second of sleep over it.


Message was edited by:


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You know what I miss the most about Syncopation Station and Lone Star Cinema? The fun, little intros! Sometimes, I'd just watch for those and then change the channel.


It's of my opinion that Sunday at 10 am was too early for a musical. Past Sundays at 10 am, I was nursing a hangover from the night before. The last thing I needed to see was happy, singing people whose tap dancing sounded like metal spikes being driven into my brain.


It's kinda nice that TCM isn't set into that schedule anymore. I do like the fact that other movies are on during those previous set times, but at the same time, it makes me sad that those showcases are gone. What can I say, I can never be happy.

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In this case, it's of no comfort to be right.



Another installment in your private war with physical reality...



I don't think you're "right" at all. TCM has "changed" in the narrow sense that it's not precisely the same as it was a year ago. But I don't know of any network, or any other entity for that matter, that stays static year after year.



What matters is that TCM is showing musicals, noirs, and westerns -- just as it always has. It's not important whether they show them under a title such as "Syncopation Station".



Once again, the kind of "change" you've always accused TCM of is a different thing altogether. You claim that TCM is secretly plotting to move away from its classic-movie format and become something like AMC, full of commercials and bottom-denominator youth-oriented programming.



But there's no evidence that such a format change is happening, or going to happen. What's more, you've consistenly shown yourself either unwilling or unable to back up your arguments with facts. Personal insults and non sequiters don't help to make your point.

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