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May I politely ask why TCM IGNORES ROBERT TAYLOR in the way you do.

After all, he was very important to MGM, and showed more than once he was more than a pretty face.

I see he is not even listed on Nov 20 or Nov 27 as one of the leading men.


Why has he never been Star of the Month? It seems everyone but him has been.


It seems evident that he is respected by one of the hosts, but why is there the cold shoulder toward him.


He has a following, and his films are certainly much better than some of the new additions you have added to your library.


Thank you for any information.

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I don't think Robert Taylor is ignored in the slightest. I see 3 or 4 of his films on the schedule each and every month. Which is more than I can say for alot of stars.


And not "everyone but him" has been Star of the Month. There are alot of actors who have not been Star of the Month. They will likely get to him eventually...but they don't do Star of the Month two months a year...and they alternate men and women over the rest of the months. So there are only 5 chances a year for ANY male star to be Star of the Month. And who have we had this year? Robert Montgomery, Anthony Quinn, William Holden. One other which I can't remember...and Gary Cooper coming up in December. None of them had been Star of the Month before...and I think we can agree that they are all worthy candidates.

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Keep checking the schedules, because I discovered most of Taylor's movies by watching them here on TCM, inlcuding rare ones like DEVIL'S DOORWAY, THE LAST HUNT, UNDERCURRENT, CONSPIRATOR, ROGUE COP, etc. They frequently show IVANHOE and NIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE, as well as my favorite, JOHNNY EAGER.

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You mean, you didn't KNOW?????


Oh wow!


I was pretty excited myself when I discovered it (I always check the new schedules when they come out and figure out before it is 'officially announced' who the Star of the Month is). You, of all people, can imagine how excited I became when I was ho-humedly reading through the schedule and found the first string of films: Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper...and it dawned on me that he was Star of the Month! I emailed one of my collector friends right away, squeeling over email like a total fangirl. I'm sure he thought I was quite nuts. *lol*


By the way, that's why in a few of our conversations, I referred to checking the December schedule to see if there were any documentaries on Coop! ;)


I thought you knew!!!!


Yes...December will be a fine month. I'm even looking forward to the promo pieces! *lol*

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Thank you all, for your interest, but I think I missed 1 or 2 points.

His films are always shown at obscure hours of the late night/morning.

He has never even had a birthday tribute in which a few of his movies were

played. Don't minsunderstand me, I have seen all of his movies and recorded them,but he is just not given enough attention.

I have all the Now Playing Guides since 2002, and they certainly could have found one month for him


Maybe there's a way to request such a thing.

I won't give up.

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Well, I think you missed my point (and if you notice, someone else asked me a question about Gary Cooper, and I answered it - my initial post was not about him!).


I guess what I was saying is that all actors are treated like that - not just Robert Taylor. I mean, there is only so much space in prime time, and they have stuff like The Essentials that take up part of that...and other programming as well.


Lots of my favorite stars films come on in the middle of the night! However, I guess it doesn't bother me because I have TiVo, and so it's irrelevant when something comes on. Even if it's on at 3:30 am, I get to see it the next night when I get home from work, because it's sitting on TiVo waiting for me. Tonight I plan to watch a film that was on at 10:30 this morning. Not a good time for me because I work. But I have TiVo and so I have it to watch. I think lots of hardcore folks around here have something like TiVo or a different sort of DVR...or a VCR in order to record stuff. And that is because everyone has the same problem - our favorites are not always on at the times we can watch them. And so we find a way to make it work.


But I honestly don't think they are ignoring him or anything. For example, I just checked him on TiVo, and TCM is showing three of his films between now and November 26. I don't think anyone besides Lucille Ball (and maybe John Wayne because of the John Ford thing going on) has many more between now and then. Three films in 11 days (because the 14th pretty much over and the schedule for today is no longer in my TiVo) isn't bad at all, when you think of it!


I am really surprised that they have never done a birthday tribute for Robert Taylor though. I'll give you that, if that is true. I don't think it's realistic to believe that he is getting the short end of the stick on Star of the Month...because they only do five male actors a YEAR....and there are lots of actors just as worthy as he is who have not yet been picked. I'm not saying he shouldn't be Star of the Month, because I do think he is deserving. But I highly doubt he is being intentionally ignored in that regard or anything. They just haven't gotten around to it yet.


But as I said, I do agree with you on the birthday tribute - there is no reason why they can't do that!


Has he ever had a day on SUTS? I know he didn't have one in 2005 and 2006, but I don't have the schedule for 2004 and earlier.

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Golly no, I didn't have any idea until you posted it! I usually don't get a chance to peek at the upcoming schedules, so this was a delightful surprise!! I do hope they show a documentary or two, but mostly I am looking forward to the possibility of TCM airing some rare, not-on-dvd early movies so I can record them!! I've never seen WINGS, his first significant--if small--part, so hopefully they will include that. I know THE REAL GLORY is coming and I am definitely recording that.


December is the month I was born in, so I'm over the moon with this "gift"!! :)

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