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Our public library just moved to a larger building and, now that it has ALLLL this room, SOLD every VHS tape in its collection in a book sale!!! DVD only. As an owner of only a VHS player, I resent this somewhat, but ya can't stop progress?


Do you "serious movie lovers" go with all the latest technology: DVD, plasma screen, etc.??? I sometimes fantasize about a home theatre w/ red velvet seats and a giant TV, but am probably too cheap and anachronistic to buy the set.

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While I did get a DVD player, I made sure to buy the combo DVD/VCR do to all the Tapes I own. I may buy a DVR (recorder) only to tape (pardon the pun) films from TCM. As long as I have a color TV, it doesn't have to be Plasma or an LCD.

Just work......




PS: The Red Rope maybe an option................

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Wow, otterhere, wish I lived in your town, that sounds like SOME book sale!!!


So they have DVD only now in rental? Yikes. I couldn't partake then.


Yes, ain't progress grand? I too have not moved beyond VHS and thanks to the collusion between TCM and Cablevision (TCM is STILL maintaining in my calls to them that it is all on Cablevision), I have snow where TCM was.


Since TCM is changing and is not showing the movies I used to love, I am not missing them. At the same time, since I wonder how they gauge audience share, I am sure they are not missing me. No matter, that will be solved when they have commercials.


But to answer your questions, no. I don't like the latest technology, I don't like a really wonderful station like TCM changing NOR it being held ransom by a crooked cable company like Cablevision after ONLY just getting it in 2004 nor do I like Blue Tooth or DVDs or CDs or HD or digital or any of the other crap that the MTB THINK we the audience are stupid enough to THINK we need when analog and VHS are just fine, thank you. Just as cassettes were just fine, no CDs needed. Hell, even vinyl was good enough for me.


Oh, but WAIT for the flames, where I will be told that digital is wonderful and HD is glorious. Bull. It's all about money, otterhere.


No, you're not too cheap, you're just too savvy. Anachronistic? Absolutely. But I revel in being a dinosaur and even in biting off my nose to spite my face. This time, however, after being burned by the scum at AMC, I taped like mad for the two years that the crooks at Cablevision carried TCM, so I have enough movies to last me the rest of my life.


When, and perhaps ONLY when the crooks in Washington FORCE me to go to digital in 2009, then and ONLY then will I get TCM. At that time, it may all be a moo point, since TCM will no doubt by then have commercials.


And these message boards will be up in flames, since the TCM 'home office' seems to care naught about the trolls and the fish heads here.


Remember the most important lesson in life, otterhere.........to thine own self be true. Ignore all the a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s.


Gotcha, TCM censor.



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Hi, otterhere, I posted something about this and will say again what I have been able to do:


A few months ago I got an Optoma H27 projector from Costco for about $700 (including a free screen) because I couldn't afford the price of a projection TV or a plasma/LCD TV. I've enjoyed it because it would blow the image up to that screen, about 80 inches diagonal. A few days ago, I decided to get a bigger screen, 96x72 (it was $119, I think, from eBay), because that was the biggest my apartment had room for, and now the image is about 120 inches diagonal for 4:3 or about 110" for letterbox. And I have my TV reception going from the satellite receiver through my DVD player and into the projector. Oh, man, what a way to watch TCM!


Many of the movies from the Sixties on, I have seen in the theater, and the same for a number of classics like Casablanca at art house revivals, so I am used to them on a big screen. But many of the other films of the Thirties and Forties, I have never seen on a big screen. And since those films were a on 4:3 scale, it fills up so much of this screen. It is like sitting in a small theater. I get totally mesmerized. For example, I have seen The Scarlet Pimpernel on TV several times, but when I watched it recently on TCM it was like seeing it for the first time, the way people did when they saw it in a movie theater.


Please believe me, I am not bragging or anything, it is just I am so overwhelmed by the experience that I wanted to recommend it to others who can't afford the $2,000-$5,000 price tag of a bigscreen TV.


Over the weekend, I upgraded my receiver to a great Sony receiver about 6 years old I got for $91 on eBay. What a difference in sound. Especially in DTS. Unfortunately, I still keep it at a moderate level because I live in an apartment building and I am considerate of the neighbors.

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This time, however, after being burned by the

> scum at AMC, I taped like mad for the two years that

> the crooks at Cablevision carried TCM, so I have

> enough movies to last me the rest of my life.


If that's the case, then please tell me, why, in the name of God, are we still subjected to your constant complaining? I really don't think this is an unreasonable question. Although I think I already know the answer, you just plain like to complain, you're not going to be happy unless you're complaining.

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> And these message boards will be up in flames, since

> the TCM 'home office' seems to care naught about the

> trolls and the fish heads here.


What do you expect them to do? I'm sure they think you have the common sense to ignore posts you don't care for. I'm sure they have better things to do than play "Big Brother" with people who are supposesly adults.

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Since I have been assured by many that you are not a troll, I will try to type reallly slowly so even you might understand.


Because...here's the realllly slow part so even you may understand....I have every right to post my thoughts here just as you do yours.


Got it now? And God has nothing to do with it. Last I looked, it was called Freedom of Speech. The same freedom of speech that is allowing the trolls to post here, but that's another story.


So reread the above, make flash cards if necessary, and then **** off with your constant wish to censor my posts. IF you find a problem with my posts, ignore them. I would imagine even YOU know how to ignore a post, am I right?


Oh, and thank those who have told me you are not a troll. I was surprised to read this. You have friends on this board.



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See, there you go. Can't even follow your own train of thought.


IF you don't like my posts, IF you don't like my complaining, as you call it, then in the name of Satan, IGNORE my posts.


Want me to type that again, realllllly slowly, so even you can understand?




Got it now?




Adults? On these boards? Go look at the fish head pictures and ask about the vile PMs and then come back to me and tell me about adults.


What's your skin in this game anyway? Since you are supposedly NOT a troll, why are you so hell bent on defending the little s.h.i.t.s?


Can't be that YOU, Brad the Texas Ranger, FEAR a moderator, now can it? Hah.



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Not bitterness, brad. Justice. This board has a right to be troll free. You have your right to view it as sad, just as I have my right to do away with the trolls and the fish pictures.


If you, for whatever reason, want to attack me and defend the trolls, have at it. You are only making yourself look silly.


Hah...there you go again. Freedom of speech. I can say anything I want about God here. Isn't that GREAT????


God bless America!!!!!! Even you can't transform America into a country ruled by Brad the Texas Ranger speech!



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Good for you. So go think about those other things. Or, keep attacking me, whatever you wish. That's the beauty of free speech, brad.


No, sorry, you don't know what the folks at TCM do or have to do or want to do. Until you are made omnisicient, I have to assume that they wish their message boards to be free of filth and trolls. Therefore, since no one else would step up to it, I decided to become the board's proponent for a moderator.


Got another idea for how we control the trolls BRAD? Or do YOU just want to attack me?


It's too bad I don't what, brad? Have other things to think about, have other things to do? Why DO you feel the need to attack me, brad? You don't know anything about me, brad. You don't know how well I do or don't multi-task, brad. You don't know how much the cleanliness of this board matters to me, brad.


But no matter. If it makes you feel better to continue answering each of my posts with another, brad, continue on, brad. Continue to attack me, brad.


But hey, why don't YOU do something constructive, brad? Why don't YOU suggest a way to do away with the trolls here, brad? Why don't you, brad?


Hmmmmm, brad??????????



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Here is a on-topic reply to your "off-topic" thread.


I bought a 2004 big video catalog from...uh, I am not sure, I don't have the thing with me (maybe, Movies Unlimited?). I am keeping the 2004 big video catalog for reference. Why? Because it has hundreds of movie listings that are probably not in the 2005 and 2006 and future big video catalogs. Why? Because the 2004 big catalog of videos has a lot of VHS only movies listed.


otter...for your VHS/DVD to DVD only question, does reference material count? Also, I wonder, does looking at paper reference material, not computer screen reference material, make me even odder...otter?


By the way, I looked at the catalog yesterday. I pick up and thumb through the pages of my big video catalog all the time.



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I doubt I will ever do without a VCR completely because there will probably always be certain title's I recorded on tape that a. won't ever go to dvd or be aired on TV and, b. I'm too lazy to bother "converting" to dvd. :)


My dream is to have a "home theater", very old-timey looking but with all the best possible perks. I currently have a flatscreen tv and a dvd player and that's about as "hi-tech" as I intend to go for a while.

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*Sigh* Sherrif Dolores to the rescue! We are so helpless without you! Did you ever stop and think if no one else "stepped up to it" as you say, maybe you might be the only one who particularly want one? Now why don't you watch one of these countless movies you supposedly have stockpiled and stop obsessing about the trolls?

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Dear Bradtexasranger and stoneyburke:


I was going to suggest you two kiss and make up but I'm not going to now. Actually, your posts are starting to become amusing in this whirlpool of trolls, and nastiness. You are beginning to be like two people standing arms akimbo going -


nah-nah-n-nah-nah at each other. ;-)


Here's a couple more to add to the mix:


So's your old man!

Anything you can do, I can do better!

I told you so!

Don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave!

Go soak your head!

You make me sick!

If I were a man, I'd . . .!

I has spoken! (Mammy Yokum)


Ehhhhhhh - That's all folks! :)


Luv ya!


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I have two VCRs and I use them more than my DVD player. I tape a lot from TV (no DVR or TIVO or whatever...) In a way, I'm glad libraries and video rental places, etc. are getting rid of their VHS tapes...my collection has really grown! :) I went to every Hollywood Video in town when they were getting rid of VHS tapes recently...getting titles for as low as $1! I did think it was strange they were keeping some as rentals only (like the third Harry Potter movie, "Dazed And Confused," etc.)? I really need to buy a couple more VCRs, before they get rid of them...

I'm also a (vinyl) record collector. Ironically, my DVD player is used mostly to play CDs (since the CD player on my stereo (from the late '80's) doesn't work...

As for plasma TVs, HDTV-don't need it.


And on a different note...

You nailed it, mrsl! We don't need a moderator...we need a mother!

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My DVD player has been broken for 6 months and I haven't replaced it. This is partly because I have TiVo (which I didn't buy myself; someone gave it to me; coincidentally the same idiot who broke my DVD player ;) ) and I record so many old films I can barely get through them. But it is also because, as Ben points out, there are many inexpensive sources of VHS tapes. Some great used oldies can be bought on Amazon or eBay for pennies (but watch shipping charges).


Ben wrote:


> And on a different note...

> You nailed it, mrsl! We don't need a moderator...we

> need a mother!


That's right. Nap time has come to the TCM nursery; time for us naughty chill'ns to be swatted on the butts and sent back to our respective playpens. No more fishheads (*blushes*).


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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> I doubt I will ever do without a VCR

> completely because there will probably always be

> certain title's I recorded on tape that a.

> won't ever go to dvd or be aired on TV and, b.

> I'm too lazy to bother "converting" to dvd. :)


That's me all over. When I bought my DVD recorder it was for the express purpose of converting all my bulky videotapes to easy to store DVDs. I think I did four before I got bored with the project and gave up. Now I record anything new to DVD, and I've caught some movies that I had previously recorded to VHS and got rid of the tapes, but the bulk of it just sits there. Most worrisome is my MST3k collection, which I do need to convert before the tapes go bad. I also have a lot of precodes that used to appear on TCM a lot but haven't shown up in years.


If I could motivate myself to dub one movie a day, i'd be done in a couple of years.

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I wanted to give my testimonial to this thread earlier but I had no time... I used to record titles on vhs for the simple purpose of seeing them. I dared to by a dvd-r but was a bit scared of the technology! Finally I broke down and bought one and have to say it has been one of the best tools I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I went out and bought me a large pack of discs and a big cd holder. I went to town recording anything and everything... It's great because if I have title I want to see during the day I just set the timer and watch it that night or whenever. I can't say enough about it, because it has really stopped all my worries for buying titles and all that. If anything happens I can always say I have them there and can watch them at anytime.



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