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Hogan's heroes movies


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Years ago I caught a hogan's heroes movie on tv - i didn't see all of it, but i think it took place after the war, but can't remember the name - i think it head "devil" in the title.


Anyone know what the name of thie move is, and if it is available on dvd?

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thanks for the reply - It's been driving me nuts whenever i brought this film up with a friend of mine. He thought I dreamed this up.


I was only around 11 or 12 years old when I saw this and did not see all of it, so I thought it was a sequal.


now the next question - is it available on DVD/VHS?

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It was an Edward Small production released by United Artists, and some of those films have ended up on home video via MGM/UA. However, this film has never seen the light of day in any format, I'm pretty sure.


If MGM/UA still controls it for television, it could conceivably turn up on Showtime, The Movie Channel or Flix, where the older movies seem to be almost entirely MGM/UA films. Heck, Flix is running 1956's "The Beast of Hollow Mountain" (though in full-screen), so you never know what will turn up there.


Couldn't hurt to request it on TCM's site, of course. I don't think TCM has ever run it, but the TCM programmer could verify this.

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Wo, Dan, "The Beast from Hollow Mountain"!!!

Betcha I ain't thought about that matinee classic since I was 7 years old!

That's gotta be right up there with "Giant from the Unknown"!

(Don't sneer too quick, now; that one feature's Jethro Bodine's real-life dad as the zombie of Coronado! Forget that giant iguana in Wisconsin, this HERE'S the real deal!)

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