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DVS Movies: Some are, Some not


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can someone tell me why some movies listed as having the DVS (descriptive video service) don't have the narrative audio when i switch to the SAP channel?

for example, today (11-14-06), the movies "Out of the Past" and "Fort Apache" were listed as having the DVS audio, but when i switched to the SAP channel, there was no DVS audio. instead, the regular audio track was on the SAP channel.


i'm sure this problem is not with my TV because i have enjoyed some movies (like "Suspicion" and "North by Northwest") that were listed as having DVS audio and when i switched to the SAP channel, the DVS audio track was there.

could the trouble be something as simple as someone at TCM forgetting to push a button to make the DVS audio available?

if anyone can provide info on this, i'd greatly appreciate it.




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I do not have an answer to this problem because I have been trying to find one myself. I have noticed a problem with Turner Classic Movies DVS since mid october. The DVS has either been incomplete or totally absent for movies that are listed as having DVS. I put my SAP on, and only about half of the time does the DVS actually work properly throughout the movie. I have tried over and over again to contact Turner Classic Movies about this, but they, for the most part, have ignored me. The only response they offered was that I needed to check with my cable provider because they said everything was fine on their end. I know this to be untrue because I have observed this problem with the DVS through both Time Warner and Direct TV. The only common link is Turner Classic Movies. The problem is actually worse than the DVS being absent for movies that are listed as having DVS, some movies have even been shown with the DVS for only part of the movie. So I have actually had to abandon movies half way through because the DVS drops out and I can not follow the action of the movie to watch it to its end. This has happened over and over again since October. I have become so disappointed with Turner Classic Movies since this problem has persisted and the company ignores all of my attempts to contact them. When I first learned of Turner Classic Movies showing some movies with DVS, I was filled with joy because it seemed like TCM actually cared about its blind audience. But since this problem began months ago and my e-mails have been ignored, I am convinced that TCM does not care at all about their blind audience. They don't even acknowledge that there is a problem. Please, if there are other fellow visually impaired viewers out there who notice the same problem, please, contact TCM. Maybe if more of us notify them, they may finally pay attention to their all but forgotten blind audience.

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