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It's A Wonderful Life at The Angelika!


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I know from earlier posts that some of you live near an Angelika theater in your city. I just found out It's A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, along with a couple lesser known Christmas movies will be at the Angelika in Dallas this Christmas season. I don't know if they're showing throughout the chain but it's worth checking out. I'm especially excited about seeing .... Wonderful Life uncut since NBC hijacked it and I don't have a DVD player.

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Unfortunately There are no theaters around that show that.I wish there was I think it would be great if there was so people could see these movies uncut.What would be better if they had theaters that look like the ones back in the 30's and 40's had the usherettes and ushers dress in those eras, my mom grew up in a small town and it was treat to see a movie and she loved the old movie houses. today the movie theaters the sound is to loud and to many commericals.Im lucky I have a dvd player and one for my computer so I can see these movies on dvd but it's not a theater for the old movies.

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> Unfortunately There are no theaters around that show

> that.


Yes there is. Like I posted, it's showing a couple of times this season at the Angelika theater in Dallas. I'm definitely going to try to catch it, looking forward to seeing it uncut. Come to think of it, I don't know if I've ever seen it uncut without commercials.

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Your profile doesn't show where your location, Dr. Doolittle. Where are you? Movie houses like the one you describe do exist, though they are in danger of growing extinct. During my travels, I always have my eye out for these cinemas. Miami Beach just completed restoration of their old movie palace on Lincoln Road. The San Francisco Bay Area features several one-screen houses, complete with organists rising from the pit to entertain the crowd before the movie begins. Detroit has a swell one that brings back the old flicks. I found these theatres in Chicago, Atlanta, Hilo, and Hollywood itself. They're out there...



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Unfortunately There are no theaters around that show that>>




I'm not sure where you live but there are still movie palaces that are showing films. The Catalina Theatre in the Casino building on Catalina Island comes complete with a organ and organist for the before movie entertainment.


Here in Los Angeles, we have the Hollywood Egyptian (belonged to Sid Grauman back in the day), the Aero in Santa Monica, the Warner Theatre down in San Pedro, the Warner Theatre here in Hollywood occasionally opens its door for screenings.


And, of course, the Cinerama Dome.


We still have movie palaces in downtown Los Angeles that open every summer for the Last Remaining Seats film program.


I have seen old movie palaces in San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, San Diego and other cities in California as well.


I saw one in New York City last year as well. So, they do exist. Just not in the numbers they used to. Many have been lovingly restored by volunteer workers and restoration experts.

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