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well, this movie, FREAKS, although available out there, is still a lost gem to the overall public.


overall, not to many people know it exists even though its been out there for about 70 years, and the name, probably would turn away most women from watching, and others seeking a modern gory bloody movie will see the black and white and switch channel


i really think it is ahead of its time, in fact, the use of real deformed actors and actresses way back then amazes me it wasnt more censored


NO SPOILER == near the end, the 'freaks' crawling and chasing someone in the darkness, rain, lightning, well, just eerie. that is if you can lose yourself in movies and get into them




id advise anyone watching this the first time to prepare a little.


1. turn off all lights

2. close window drapes

3. light a candle behind where you sit

4. make popcorn

5. pop a vhs in and tape it !!


and lastly, #6 = enjoy.....................................

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Freaks is one of the most well done horror movies ever to come out of Tinsel Town, the main reason was the story showed that the circus performers with disabilities were not freaks, but people with love and hopes and dreams, now with that back drop ,comes the evil of materialism and greed in the form of the strongmans' girl. Her explosion of anger and drunkeness as she gropes on the strongman after marrying the little guy is one of the most uncomfortable scenes in any movie I have ever seen, and yes the ending is one of the creepiest ever. A great movie.

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Saw this one a few weeks ago on DVD, and was duly impressed. TCM may have let us down with that "Electra Glide In Blue" BS last week, but they more than make up for it with this flick. Youd be seriously missing out if you didnt check this one out, if you havent seen it. Hell, even if you have, this one is worth another go-round IMHO. Mark of the Vampire's pretty cool too ('cept the end), but Freaks is a timeless classic that every weird movie completisst simply must see.


I just have to say too that Frieda the dwarf is so freakin' adorable! Watch this movie and tell me that she aint!


Here's a cool link w/ the actual "freaks" and their stories http://www.missinglinkclassichorror.co.uk/freaksnattxt.htm


spoilerage below-


I think when they are all doing their final march, it's pretty cool, but I couldnt help but crack up when Prince Randian (the armless/legless guy) is waddling (or whatever) forth with a knife between his teeth! Oh man, good times indeed!

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What a great movie! I tivoed it so my aunt can watch it on Thanksgiving. She loves this movie. She can't wait to see it. What a movie to watch on a nice family holiday,HA! I love Freda, she so was so beautiful! I loved the the way she wore her hair. This movie was very cutting edge for its time.

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I have never seen this movie and it sounds good but i cant find it and i LOVE old horror films i HATE new gory bloody films if you can find the full film on the internet make a link to it so i can watch it please.

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yep, you missed out, they showed it several times in the last couple months.


Theyre bound to show it again, it's a very beloved flick. It's worth a purchase, you could probably get it for uunder ten bucks if you really wanted to see it now.


I wouldnt call it horror tho, really, it doesnt seem like a horror film to me at all. If you go into this thinking horror, you might be disappointed.

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