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HELP - end of world SUNSPOT? scifi movie name?


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SUNSPOTS = ?? Wiping out humans maybe?


im looking for a name of a maybe 1970's? movie, maybe in the scifi category


all im describing is to the best of my recollection, so any help is appreciated.


a father, son and daughter is spelunking in a underwater cave when something happens above earth on the ground [with the sun maybe] which causes everyone above ground to disappear


these 3 search for people, and in 1 scene, bad boys [mutants maybe] that lived in a grocery store attack them in a city courtyard


in another scene, 1 of the 3 walk up to a car and some stranger sits up in it freaking us, the audience, out



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DOH! I just answered you in the "Trivia" section. Thank god for "Copy & Paste". hehe.



Well It sounds like Where Have All the People Gone?, but I cant recall them being in an underwater cave. But a father and his 2 kids are fossil-hunting in a cave. There is an earthquake and dramatic stuff, when they head home they discover that everyone is gone.

And its a sort of solar flares that proves fatal for inhabitants of the Earth


Thats the closest I can think of with a cave thing and sun involved...


Hope thats it.


Link to the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072400/


If not I will need to put my thinking cap back on.

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Yes. it was "Where Have All the People Gone?" It was a weird 1974 made-for-TV movie with Peter Graves. Some sort of solar flare turns everyone exposed into little piles of white powder (I hate when that happens). It also turns domestic dogs into vicious killers. I suppose dogs have better sunscreen than people. The story follows Graves and his kids as they try to make their way home.

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