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Signatures or Avatars??


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I'm sorry... I didn't think to clarify. An Avatar is a small image (usually 100 to 150 pixels) that shows up under you handle when you sign on or post. A signature is simply something you can attatch to each of your posts that gives your name and sometimes a quote or something like that. Just eliminates the constant signing at the end of your post if you have a nickname or handle...

Avatars are really cool, you can put a small picture of you or your favorite actor/actress and people can recognize your posts just by that. Makes the board room a little more colorful and friendly.


bhf1940 (<<

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No Ms. 1940. You asked where to petition, and the General Discussion forum (which is the forum for technical issues) would be the place.




And actually, it might have been brought up there before. You might want to run a search in there. Otherwise, I support your efforts. If you start the petition there, I'll be sure to sign on. The TCM Web Master checks that forum for ideas.

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