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classic baby-sitter


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I thought of this topic the other day...I hope you folks like it. :) If you had to choose any classic movie star--living or deceased--to baby-sit your kids, who would you choose? Choose one guy and one gal star. You can base your choices on either the star's typical on-screen personna, their real life personality, or both. Note: If you don't have kids, pretend you do.

Here are my votes: For a guy, I'd definitely 'hire' Jimmy Stewart. I'd say he's perhaps the most trustworthy, kind-hearted actor in film history. For example, in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It's a Wonderful Life, he's so honest, so full of integrity, and always doing wonderful things for other people. And in Harvey--have you ever seen such a friendly smile?! Anway--I certainly would trust him to take care of my children.

As for the female baby-sitter, I'm afraid I have a tie. I would choose either June Allyson or Greer Garson. I'd choose June Allyson because she tends to play warm, supportive mothering characters. She seems like a caring mom. :) And I'd choose Greer Garson because she, too, has played some pretty top-notch moms. Take Mrs. Miniver, for example. She cared very deeply for her on-screen kids, and she was also a very strong, has-everything-under-control mom and woman.

Okay, those are my choices. What are yours? Have fun!!

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P.S. I can't believe that TCM bleeped my five letter word!

The endearing expression is another word for kitty which Sophia on "The Golden Girls" refers to her daughter Dorothy with.



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I think I'd choose Jimmy Durante. Never met a kid who didn't think he was swell. I think the kids would be amused.


I'd also choose Cary Grant because he always looked amusingly incongruous with children onscreen, (though he longed for children, and doted on his only child), and, because, selfishly, I'd get to come home, open the door and find Cary Grant in my house. Not bad...:-)

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