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Would anyone like to try deciphering an autograph?


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If this is not something that might interest you, please forgive the intrusion. We came across this website while researching an item we are selling on Ebay that might be equally appealing to Hollywood and WWII collectors. It is a menu (with many wonderful period details) from Universal Studios Cafe, dated May 21, 1943, with 18 autographs on the reverse, including Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Deanna Durbin, Gale Sondergaard, Donald O'Conner, and other Universal and USO stars.

There is one autograph we have yet to identify. It reads "Sincerely, Dottie _____". Anyone have any ideas? It would be nice to know before we part with this!


For more information, please view listing #190050841497 at www.ebay.com. Please feel free to forward this to other potentially interested parties. Our hope is it for it to find its way to someone to whom it will bring great joy.


Thank you for your help!

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For those of you who've never been to Ebay (as I hadn't until now),


Jack (and others), be careful....... It's addictive. I just bought $100 of opera DVD's tonight (after buying 46 LPs at thrift stores earlier today). Two years ago for several months I spent close to half of that year's retirement checks on eBay (drawing savings down significantly). Now I manage to stay away from a couple of months at a time. LPs, reel tapes, DVDs; occasionally reel films (got three decent 16MM projectors and a Sound8).... those are my downfall, like reduced-price pastries at Super Wally-World in another sense. But, if you want it, it's out there. If I EVER get things more together, I'll be unleashing my largesse on the eBay public and making back some of the thousands I've spent in the past 2-1/2 years. Thousands of LPs, 78s and laserdiscs - once I get them dubbed.

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This is exactly the phenomenon I was referring to. Please be careful if if you are new to Ebay. It is much too much fun to find your heart's desire at your fingertips. On the flipside, yes, when you run out of money, you'll have lots of things to sell. However, I will feel terrible if someone who cannot afford to spend money on something like this wins this item. I will try to take some better scans of it so people are able to fully enjoy it virtually.

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