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john garfield


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a few months ago i taped a bunch of movies off TCM and was watching them recently. i must have taped a john garfield marathon because he was in quite a few


i think he's a pretty good actor, with kind of a james cagney type personality, small in stature, not particularly a 'stud', yet a tough guy who gets the women


i enjoyed the run of john garfield movies anyone like john garfield for a reason?

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Well, he had a whole day of films one day back in August. In August, TCM does Summer Under the Stars, and each star selected gets a 24-hour run of their films.


This year, John Garfield was one of those selected. ;)


I like him alot, myself, and recorded alot of films that day!

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John Garfield is one of my favorite actors. He was the original James Dean and Marlon Brando. A real tough guy. Look at some of his movies like Castle on The Hudson. When people hear the name Mickey they think of Mickey Mouse. I think of his character in Four Daughters. He died very young. It was thought because he was a target of HUAC. Force of Evil was one of his last movies.

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