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Whee are Laurel and Hardy?

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I'm a big Laurel and Hardy fan. I'v noticed that their movies haven't been on in a long time. Does anyone like them as much as me? I love their shorts, and their movies. What's happened to them? TCM should run their movies maybe not for a day, but just a few times in on month. They were at the top their field in the 30's. Where have they gone?

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lady it looks like the comedy duo is away in the vaults at the moment. I believe a few years ago AMC had a Laurel & Hardy marathon featuring most of their full length films. I don't recall seeing them on TCM in recent years.

Let's hope that someone at TCM gets the notion or bright idea to rescue them from the vaults and surprise us with a dandy marathon. We could use some genuine laughter right now.

Here's hoping.



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Well I just got zapped into cyberspace again via TCM & It's crackerjack editing team!!! THANKS GUYS! I already wrote on this exact article & It's gone bye, bye???

As I was replying to lady, Hope you have luck with *Muni tapes,etc & I thank you for reply,etc But as far as

*Stan Laurel & *Oliver Hardy & yup, they are actally (1890-1965) (1892-1957)ACADEMY winners!? For a category long gone. Best Comedy Short Subject for 1931-32 "The Music Box"-(It's the legendary short in which they attempt to get a grand piano up a looong staircase-outside & AMAZINGLY for Hollywood, It' still-there?)

& If you desire more info on L & H try Leonard Maltin & his excellent site-(I taped tons of the shorts the did, back in late 80's. When he did actual editing,etc of them/I think it was "Nickelodeon?") The Three Stooges were even nom. for same ACADEMY AWARD for 1934's "Men in Black"-(a pun of a *Clark Gable M-G-M hospital film "Men in White") Back then, "3 Stooges," were more similar to "Marx Bros." as far as anarchy,etc! The lost that same award however. But "L & H," still to date, have single largest fan-club on the globe!? "Sons of the Desert" of course named after the 1939 feature they did. I think they were far superior in shorts! I'll send you the actual L. Maltin site-(let me know/via reg. e-mail if you rec. it PLEASE?) Being that it's so-much fun just attempting to log-in on here!!! As far as cinema comedy goes-(NOTE: I conducted a poll on here, back a few months ago on this topic)

I rank *Chaplin as the supreme comedic genius of all-time! Although he does not make me laugh? I just watch in astonishment. A true "Genius!" A word they throw around way too-much.

W.C. Fields- personally I rate as the single greatest cinema comic ever born in this country! & yes, a "Genius!"

Laurel and Hardy-The greatest comic duo ever in the movies!

& I also rank the sadly stiffled by M-G-M of his creative ability! Buster Keaton as a "TRUE CINEMATIC GENIUS!"

But as far as laughter, for me "The Marx Brothers" & "The Three Stooges???"

Lady m. Drop me a line! & to my other pals, cocktailsany1 & antar, drop me a line as well. PLEASE!

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This same topic was just mentioned in the "movie suggestion" post, and I'll once again agree that I too would love to see L&H on TCM. I believe that the rights are owned by the estate of Hal Roach, so I guess that has a lot to do with it. But TCM is pretty good about leasing important classics, and hopefully they can get access to the films of the greatest comedy team in movie history. AMC did have a marathon a few years back, but with AMC down the drain, there's certainly no hope of ever seeing them on that station. TCM is really our last resort, and hopefully they oblige us!

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I understand that TCM can't show everything ever made, but I too think Laurel and Hardy would be great too. As much as I love the "One Reel Wonder" shorts they have been run a great many times and L&H would be a great addition to the mix. If there ever was a comedy team that belonged on TCM it has to be Stan and Ollie.

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