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Goliath Awaits needs you!


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Anyone remember this mini series? It seems to have become forgotten.

Sadly its no longer in print even though its from 1981. I have seen it go for 130$ (US) on auctions for a used VHS! And this is for the movie version that is cut down!!!Its mad!


Amazon sells it cheaper, but after 3 attempts to buy it from the used section I only got screwed and never got the movie.


Its stars Christopher Lee, Mark Harmon and Robert Forster just to name a few.



Goliath Awaits (1981) (TV)


During World War II, the passenger liner "Goliath" is sunk by a German attack (This should say "attack submarine"). Portions of the ship's hull remain airtight, and some of the passengers and crew survive. Over the decades, they build an isolated, rigidly regulated world, completely isolated from the surface world until contemporary times when a diving team begins to explore the wreck.


(summery taking from imdb.com)



This amazing Adventure movie needs some attention. Please vote for it to be re released on DVD.


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I remember it and liked it .As soon as I saw it I thought of how much it was like a old Twilite Zone I saw .Here is the Twilite Zone below .



"The Twilight Zone"

On Thursday We Leave for Home (1963)

James Whitmore

A group of Earth colonists, stranded on an isolated, inhospitable rock of a planet, are held together through the years by James Whitmore, as Captain Benteen.


It's not clear if this place was the original destination of the colonizing mission, or if they were cast away here by some circumstance of fate.


The setting is a cave in a desert landscape in which the voyagers are barely able to scratch out a meager living, managing to feed and clothe themselves in extreme poverty.


Captain Benteen entertains the group with stories of the old days on Earth, where it rains, and where things grow by themselves, and cars and baseball games. The children and young folks hang on his every word, and the old folks who remember Earth slide deeper into despair. Captain Benteen is clearly enjoying himself because he has absolute power over these people.


Then a rescue ship arrives.


The rescue ship has only a few days in which to leave this world, never to return because this place is far out of the way and not suitable for colonization or exploitation. The rescue crew offers a ride back to Earth for everyone who wishes to leave.


As Captain Benteen goes through the stages of acceptance, he tries to exert his authority over the rescuers, then he bargains with them, then he tries to assert himself over his colonists and finally pleads with them, until he has to come to a final realization of his position.


If not for the florid dialogue, especially Whitmore's overwrought lines, and boy can he chew up the scenery, this could have been a fantastic episode, and a real psychological study of power and group dynamics. As it was, it is still one of the best Twilight Zones, just not a classic.

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