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On The Waterfront


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"On the Waterfront" is on TCM tonight at 8:00 p.m.


This is the best film I've ever seen and the performance by

Marlon Brando is the greatest. I also like Lee J. Cobb in

this film.


If you want to see a true classic masterpiece - watch this film.


Thanks TCM for showing this spectacular film.

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Sorry otterhere:


I couldn't resist. I've seen sooooo many of Brando's films and just cannot form an appreciation for him. (1.) I can barely understand him when he talks, that's why I call him marble mouth. (2) He plays EVERYTHING like he's suffering the sins of the world. (3) I wish he had gotten a hair dresser. The only thing he ever did that I admired, was sending the indian girl to pick up his oscar in deference to the massacre at Wounded Knee.



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Was very surprised to see that TCM showed a letterboxed version of the movie.


To the best of my knowledge, the film's always been only available in full-screen on home video.


It's not a 'scope movie, but it still looks best with its proper aspect ratio of 1.85:1. My guess is that it was shot in 1.33:1 but shown masked to 1.85:1 in theaters... it looks a lot better this way...

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They don't come any better than this one. Acting. Writing. Kazan's masterful staging. Somebody on the boards called this and "Streetcar" his/her favorite movies. I would go with a couple of others. But you can't challenge the logic. You could watch them 100 times and not find a flaw. Just goes to show. When you have a really, REALLY good story, you can't go wrong.


Red River

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I think "On The Waterfront" is one of the best movies - it certainly is one

of my favorites. I watched it the other night on TCM and although I've seen

this film many times - there is always something new I discover. Each time

I watch Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, I feel like I'm watching the very

best acting performance there ever was. Ever movement of his eyes, his

facial expressions, his walk, his shrug of the shoulders - just magnificent.

Brando was an acting genious for sure....

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