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As a fan, I am very distressed... Please help!

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Please, help! For some unknown reason, I cannot post my review for Bob Hope! :( When I first got on this site, I tried immediately. It would not except my review... It would "Preview" it, then "Submit" it, but the screen would freeze right in the middle of the "Submit" prcess.

Last night I wrote a review for Robert Montgomery and the site accepted it. So I thought maybe it would except my review for Hope... But still no luck! I think that's why he is absent of reviews... Help!



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I was having horrible problems, too, trying to do anything but read. Something about the blockers/whatever in AOL, apparently.


If you already have "Internet Explorer" on your desktop, open it and type in


and then find the "Message Boards" to click on. THEN sign on and it should work fine.


If IE is not on your desktop, go to "Start," "All Programs," and find/open it - then do the other steps. It's the ONLY thing that has worked for me every time now since I've started that a month ago.


Happy postings,


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Please let us know what kind of computer (MAC or PC), what browser, and the browser version if you know how to find it.





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When you click on Internet Explorer - do NOT open up netzero as if to read your mail, send, etc. - just type in the www.tcm.com right in the browser/address bar and click go or hit the "Enter" key.


Ignore your usual internet stuff.


It should get you straight to TCM, click on "Message Boards" and then sign in. Unless something is badly wrong, it should allow you to read and post, etc. I was having trouble when going through my regular internet stuff.


Let us know.


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