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Vote 4 what actors/actress should be on a Mt. Rushmore of Hollywood!-(Revis


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(*-Denotes A.M.P.A.S.) I already wrote a similar article on this site & on this topic as well. But I am reminded of-it, via a wonderful article/tribute to the late & legendary *Gregory Peck in this weeks "EW"-mag.-(A must have 4 his fans!) Anyway, Ken Burns-(PBS docus.) stated at final of-it, that if there was a mt. rushmore for actors. Peck would be among the top (4) So I recalled the topic I wrote-"Mt. HOLLYWOOD!" It was though, just limited to 4 overall. Which is mighty difficult to pick as you guys/gals know! & I really believe they should **** such a monument-(2 of them, one on each side of the HOLLYWOOD SIGN!) 100 per cent, this should eventually be done/earthquakes or not! & with all the massive funds that Tinsel Town was given>"Kodak-complex"/"Subway-system"

It's should be a fact, not speculation! But what 4 actors & what 4 actresses most represent the history of that town-(NOTE: Not your per. favs. per-say. Example: "The Great: Spencer Tracy" although my Idol, & definitive actors, actor. Is just that. More of an actor, than a huge star the likes of a Cary Grant,etc.) So I have revised my concept here. In which 8 altogether should be nominated. Someday, as noted, it may be fact? I have even written chamber of commerce on this subject before. But there is only strength in number(s)

Mt. HOLLYWOOD-(Actors side):

*"The King: Clark Gable-(1901-60)

*Charles Chaplin-(1889-1977)

*Humphrey Bogart-(1899-1957)

& *John Wayne-(1907-79)


Mt. HOLLYWOOD-(Actresses side of HOLLYWOOD sign):

Greta Garbo-(1905-90)

*Katharine Hepburn-(1907-)

*Bette Davis-(1908-89)

& Marilyn Monroe-(1926-62)


Well, I know it's veeery difficult deciding. But fun anyway & maybe someday, It will happen as well Thank You

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For the actors: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier and Bob Hope. ( While Bob is not the greatest actor, I think he is well deserved of a spot on Rushmore.)

For the actresses: Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Olivia de Havelid and Lucille Ball. (I feel the same way about Lucy as I do Bob.)

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How Ironic this article, topic, post is now!

As I previously noted however. This should be a "ACTUAL REALISM" as opposed to "SPECULATION!?" I have written Hollywood chamber of commerce. Someday, I'll tell you guys just how "CURRUPT!" The Hollywood "Walk-of-Fame," just is!

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I've been thinking about this a while now, because I think a Mount Rushmore of Hollywood should have the same relevance to the movie industry that the real Mount Rushmore has to America. I thought about innovations, lasting achievements, influence, and sheer recognizability, and came up with these four icons:


D. W. GRIFFITH -- Can you do anything in the movies today that Griffith didn't do first? In terms of producing, directing, editing and pure storytelling force, he wrote the book on how to make a movie.


CHARLIE CHAPLIN -- The first filmmaker who could do it all -- act, write, produce, direct, and cast his own productions. The first screen star whose image was known and marketed worldwide. And his films are still entertaining millions today.


CECIL B. DeMILLE -- Though not the first, the greatest of the epic filmmakers. DeMille was the first producer/director who marketed his own image. Like Griffith, he had a great knack for storytelling, and his epics are worlds unto themselves. However clumsy and contrived some of them are, they are never boring. His last film, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, is still shown on network TV every year and swamps everything else in the ratings -- almost half a century after its release. That is no small achievement.


GRETA GARBO -- The best-known face of classic Hollywood cinema, still beautiful and mysterious after all these years. Because of that, she was able to control her image -- and her employers -- in a way no one else could match. She knew her star power and exercised it well, both on screen and off.


Now where do we start drilling?

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