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I just saw "Ebert & Roepert" & as most are aware, that read my work on here, I've been watching: Roger Ebert-(1942-) & his late partner: Gene Siskel-(1946-99) since 1979!!! I cannot stand Roepert, but thats another matter. Ebert & he, just paid a KIND OF TRIBUTE? To the legendary heavyweight OSCAR winning actor: *Gregory Peck-(1916-2003) & of course it was about his passing-on.-(NOTE: They tape about 2 or 3 shows altogether & show them in weekly sections) But both critics agreed on the rather "ASININE" statement that in reality *Peck was never really even in a truly great film????? Sometimes people get performances & entire movie confused? But they knew what they said! & Ebert of all people has always recalled his 1st screening somewhere in Europe I think? Of 1959's superb "On the Beach" & he's always ranked-it a truly great science-fiction. & that does not even touch: "12 0'Clock High"-(almost one of the 10 greatest War Pix of all-time!) Not to mention the massive epic Western he was in: "How the West Was Won?" & what about a pure, perfectly done M-G-M movie: "The Yearling?" One of the top examples of what Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer did best in that era & L.B. loved-it. Family films. & of course AFI's newly voted all-time cinematic hero: Atticus Finch in his ACADEMY victory>"To Kill a Mockingbird!" The statement of both men was so-stunning, especially from Roger, I immediately had to share-it with you folks. & (FINAL NOTE: Run to newest "EW" mag. I have a sub. to-it, but it has a marvelous tribute to *Peck inside-& It's a double issue, though not about him. It just means most may have more time in which to find the issue) I know that if Siskel had heard-it, or maybe he did? He woulda' argued on that statement! & even though it's not an altogether great picture, very strong (***1/2) "Guns of Navarone," has hardly been mentioned? Thank You

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If you hold tight to the phrase "truly great" I'd have to agree with that statement. All those movies mentioned were very good, especially 12 O'Clock High, but I wouldn't put any of them in, say, the top 1000.


That's nothing against Peck as an actor, as only a small part of a picture's quality would fall on him.

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I agree with every word Spencer. And don't for Gentlemen's Aggreement. This may not have been a blockbuster, but it was an unforgetable movie. The movie had an powerful message. There's also Roman Holiday, Guns of Navarone. What is Ebert's definiation for "truly great"? Ok I'm down off my soapbox now.

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Well, I guess Ebert and Roeper's definition of a "great film" just goes to prove what I've often suspected privately. Most movie critics, even if they love movies, see way too many films, become jaded, begin to think of it only as THE CINEMA and start to forget the visceral, spontaneous lift that the average joe and jill shmoo feel when they see a wonderful film----such as "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Twelve O'Clock High", "Gentelman's Agreement", or "Roman Holiday".


As a matter of fact, I'd bet that if you asked people randomly to name one of their favorite all time movies, "To Kill a Mockingbird", would be mentioned alot. Mr. Peck's lifetime of work illuminated the joys and sorrows of the human experience and will be remembered, long after any critics' names are forgotten.

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Well i guess movie critics get jaded. Thank goodness the

fans don't have a jaded bone in our bodies for the late

Gregory Peck.Just admiration for a job well done!......

A fine gentleman and a wonderful story teller the word

actor just doesn't do him justice.His many films his

many parts that he poured himself into was pure enjoyment

for the public domain for ever and ever .........

When the good lord gave him the gift of acting he gave

him a double dose to be sure! I will miss him and all

his wonderful story telling. My thoughts and prays with

his family.

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Thanks fans for reply & all! & I respect moirrafinnie-(hope I spelled it on 'da $$$?) But If these logs???

"On the Beach," in regard to Ebert was most surprising? Because he used to speak of his 1st viewing of that, as if it were: ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATS!? & I agree, critics absolutely get jadded. & I know I have going on my 22nd yr. of reviewing newly released films-but of course love, study, read & write about the "Classic," heavyweights more. Thats why Mr. Maltin & I, have agreed more. But the movies that are out nowadays??? Perfect example: "Bringing Down the House" (*-BOMB rating!) just awful, but grossed: $135m.? & I like Steve Martin, a lot.

But for every "Charlie's Angels" another flick I gave same rating! However once in awhile a "Finding Nemo" will come-up! & last yr. I actually gave four new films highest rating of ****-stars! Year before that, not one new movie though? But as far as *"Gentleman's Agreement" (***) I 4-get whom said he thought it was great? But that year had a much stronger & film 'noir like picture on anti-semitism RKO's "Crossfire" (4-stars!) It was up against the more easy to digest & safe for ACADEMY voters. *Kazan film. Kinda' similar a few yrs. later when: *"Marty" (***1/2-very good) but, swept (4) & over the likes of: "Mister Roberts"/"Bad Day at Black Rock"/"Love Me or Leave Me"/"East of Eden"/"Rebel Without a Cause" & a film they would not dare touch in those days. Too-bizarre for it's era *Charles Laughton's "Night of the Hunter!" But> Robert Ryan-(1909-73) In & I must add, ridiculously his only OSCAR nom. was superb in forementioned "Crossfire," as the villian!

OSCAR has had a long-history of picking well-done, but safe choices! *"Kramer vs. Kramer"/ *"Driving Miss Daisy," etc. But they never seem to be on any all-timer list(s)!? I do think both "The Yearling" & "12 0'Clock High" are easily 4-star films though! The late Siskel always really wanted the ACADEMY to list in order of votes, next day>runners-up! I wonder how far behind: "To Kill a Mockingbird" was to '62's biggest winner: *"Lawrence of Arabia?"

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