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Altman film comments


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I have seen more then a few of his films but this would not approach half of his total production. Most of the films that I remember were from the 70's. I associate his style with that time when films were not made with money as the primary inspiration. They don't make them like that anymore. Not with the Bean Counters in charge of the creative efforts in film today. With that said my list of Altman films is as follows..starting with most favorite to least:


1. NASHVILLE - Great film. Glad that they choose to show it uncut in the middle of the night on TCM.


2. BREWSTER McCLOUD - Fantasy and humor perfectly combined.


3. MASH - Funny, truthful. I agree with Altman on criticism of the TV version. The TV series levels the content that the film presents. This could describe most TV productions.


4. IMAGES - Only saw this once in the movies. Very interesting film. Events going on in the individual's mind. What could be scarier then insanity.


5. CALIFORNIA SPLIT - Interesting exploration of the gambler's mind. Funny too.


6. BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS - One of Paul Newman's most interesting performances. Now this is America.


7. McCabe & MRS. MILLER - More America. A dark but honest depiction of the wild west.


8. POPEYE - The fantasy button pushed again. Nice of him to show Spielberg how to bring cartoon characters to life.


9. A WEDDING - Wow, Mia Farrow.


10. THREE WOMEN - Don't remember much about this one. Interesting concept of focusing on the female characters viewpoints. Has anyone seen "The Women"..1939..George Cukor. One of my favorites.


11. PRARIE HOME COMPANION - A disappointment. Not much energy but then Altman said it was about death.

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