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"So they expanded the definition of collusion to include “unwitting” collaboration in order to justify their machinations. It’s difficult to believe that people in such positions would take such a cavalier attitude toward the kind of damage they could wreak on the body politic.

Now we learn that they actually sat around and plotted how to distort the Constitution, just as they distorted the rules of official behavior designed to hold them in check, in order to destroy a presidential administration placed in power by the American people. It’s getting more and more difficult to dismiss Narrative B."

let them hang ...


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On 2/18/2019 at 1:11 PM, JakeHolman said:


Josh CampbellVerified account @joshscampbell 9h9 hours ago


McCabe says the FBI briefed congressional leaders in both parties about its investigation of President Trump in order to ensure Congress knew what the bureau was doing.

The Gang of Eight: 1. Richard Burr 2. Mitch McConnell 3. Devin Nunes 4. Nancy Pelosi 5. Paul Ryan 6. Adam Schiff 7. Chuck Schumer 8. Mark Warner


They sound pretty terrible at coup-plotting.


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3 minutes ago, JakeHolman said:


 When you walk across the threshold of the Oval Office at The Truman Library in Independence Missouri, you can hear a recording of Harry Truman saying: " The buck stops here."

 That's one thing trump has never been able to accept. That he is responsible for his own actions and he is responsible for the actions of those he delegates in his stead. Everyone's to blame for his problems, everyone's to blame for his difficulties except himself.

That's not just a poor leader-- that's a coward.

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