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Karen Piper @PiperK


Finally finished the #MuellerReport. Main takeaways:

1. Trump most likely would not be president without the help of Russia.

2. Trump definitely obstructed justice with "corrupt intent."

3. Russia hacked our voting technology, including administrators' computers.

4. Trump's staff turned on him when called before Mueller. 5. Most of Trump's staff won't do what he asks. They ignore him or lie and say they'll do it.... then hope he forgets.

6. Trump will throw anyone under the bus. He demands criminal "loyalty" but distances himself from criminal acts so someone else will take the fall.

7. The @Nytimes, @Wapo etc. should be commended for their stellar reporting, confirmed by the Mueller interviews.

8. Trump's only legal defense is that the president cannot be held accountable for crimes. Mueller lays out why this position is without merit.

9. Bill Barr lied about the report's conclusions...

and finally...

Robert Mueller believes it is the duty of Congress to impeach and/or prosecute Donald Trump for obstruction of justice with "corrupt intent." (159-182)

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3 hours ago, TalkTalk123 said:
Did the Russians make Trump the front runner against Hillary or did the Clinton campaign and the corporate media do it?
Did the evidence of Russian hacking and the link to Wiki Leaks get cross examined, or was the evidence denied by the DNC?

Hillary won the popular vote so do the Russians have control over the Electoral College? LMREO!

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