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Died Of A Theory: What Happened To The Old America?

By Wayne Allensworth

“If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on its tombstone: ‘Died of a Theory.’”—Jefferson Davis

The United States of America is as dead as a doornail.

Yes, a geographic body bears that name on maps, but like the term “American,” it has been drained of any substance.  The globalists and their leftist allies have made sure of that.  For decades, they maintained the “American” brand name and national symbols. But like a vampire bat, they bled the body politic dry as the American ethnos, induced into a stupor by propaganda, slept.  Our symbols and monuments to our past are now being jettisoned, and we ourselves are slated for replacement.

The old America died of a theory. 

Jeff Davis might have found it ironic that the USA died of the very theory that animated the most hateful enemies of the South.  Many of his influential compatriots so feared that theory that they refused to consider offering slaves freedom in exchange for their serving as Confederate soldiers.  It was their theory of slavery that Davis regretted.

Ideology has frequently overridden common sense.

The ideal of equality before the law, for example, was present at Enlightenment-age America’s creation.  Few of Jefferson’s contemporaries, however, interpreted his lofty assertion that “All men are created equal” literally.   The old America’s idea of all citizens being subject to the law was a cultural artifact of the American ethnos, the present day American Remnant.  That artifact unfortunately became infected with a radical egalitarian virus.  The idea of absolute equality, today’s “blank slate” theory of human nature, which denies any inherent differences in human groups, eventually undermined a more limited and workable idea of equality.

Each stage of the lengthy cultural revolution that overturned long accepted norms made America, indeed the entire Western world, more vulnerable to the radical pathogen.  As the infection set in, we lost confidence in ourselves, and with it, we lost our survival instinct.  Be that as it may, the proximate causes of the radical disease’s terminal stage were the “civil rights revolution” of the 1960s, and the decades-long Cold War.

Yours truly recently wrote a piece on how the “civil rights revolution” institutionalized white guilt in our educational system.  The powers-that-be, an alliance of globalists and leftists, wielded a white guilt-heavy revisionist view of American history as a bludgeon against the American ethnos, breaking down resistance to radical egalitarianism, and, concomitantly, globalism.

Under the blank slate theory, no distinctions could be made, for instance, between Americans and aliens. The world’s entire population was, at least potentially, “American.”  “Discrimination” was counted among the worst of all sins.  According to the theory, the “gaps” between whites and minorities could only be explained by “white privilege” and invisible “institutional racism.”

The Cold War helped spread the infection as well.

The Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 itself was part of the Cold War “architecture” of the era. As Dennis Petrov wrote at VDare:

“The propaganda aspect of the war was fought in ideological terms as a clash between Communism and Capitalism (‘the free world’), a war of ideas, not of countries with concrete national interests and distinct peoples. Hart-Celler, which opened the door to non-European immigration, was ideologically an extension of the Civil Rights legislation of the era, itself used in Cold War information campaigns to counter Soviet anti-capitalist and anti-U.S. propaganda. Discrimination of any kind was seen as arming the Communists with useful propaganda points—a Western democracy discriminating against the colored peoples of the earth undermined the global anti-Communist line.”

The Cold War helped cement the notion of America as an idea, a radically egalitarian one at that, into the national psyche.  It was an idea that disarmed the American ethnos.  Henceforth, “we” could include anyone from anywhere.  To say otherwise was “racist” and “xenophobic.”

The USA as a political manifestation of the American ethnos is dead, but the ethnos, weakened and under siege, lives on.  Acknowledging that the global capital on the Potomac and the system it represents are indeed hostile to us is a necessary step toward thinking about what comes next.  To begin again, a reassessment of what “patriotism” means is necessary. And any patriotic movement worthy of the name must jettison the baggage of the egalitarian god that failed. America is not an idea.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

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The United States of Racial Quotas and Preferences

Michael Barone
Posted: Jan 29, 2021 12:01 AM
The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

On Tuesday, six days into Joe Biden's administration, it became clear why Susan Rice, hitherto a foreign policy specialist, was named director of the Domestic Policy Council. Rice -- unconfirmable for a Cabinet post after her unembarrassed Sunday show lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack -- ventured into the White House press room to preview Biden's "equity" initiative.


With one possible exception, the specific policies announced were less important than the word "equity," invoked 19 times by Rice and nine by Biden. Ending federal private prison contracts, and strengthening relations with and combating "xenophobia" against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, are small potatoes as federal policies.

Not so, perhaps, with the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing initiative, started under former President Barack Obama, repealed under former President Donald Trump and now due for spirited revival. The idea is for the feds to reverse local zoning laws and plant low-income housing in suburbs deemed insufficiently diverse.

Actually, racial discrimination in housing has been reduced since the 1968 federal Fair Housing Act, to the point that in metropolitan areas from Washington to Atlanta to Los Angeles, most blacks now live in suburbs, not in the central cities to which they were tightly confined in postwar America.

But for Rice and Biden, "equity" requires not equality of opportunity but equality of results. That's one of the fundamental tenets of critical race theory training banned by outgoing Trumpites and reinstated by Biden on day one.

A lower-than-population percentage of blacks in any desirable category, explains critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi, must be the result of "systemic racism" (a term Rice used twice and Biden six times Tuesday). If you don't agree, you're guilty of "white fragility" and you must be a "white supremacist."

As Andrew Sullivan trenchantly observes, "to achieve 'equity' you have to first take away equality for individuals who were born in the wrong identity group. Equity means treating individuals unequally so that groups are equal." This is exactly contrary to the central thrust of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It could easily be judged, in particular cases, to violate the 14th Amendment. Individuals discriminated against might have standing to go to court.

And there will surely be many such individuals. Rice made clear that the policies mentioned Tuesday are just a start. "Every agency," she said, with no suggestion of exceptions, "will place equity at the core of their public engagement, their policy design, and program delivery to ensure that government resources are reaching Americans of color and all marginalized communities -- rural, urban, disabled, LGBTQ+, religious minorities, and so many others."

That's a lot of preferred categories, but one suspects that, as in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," some preferred groups will be more preferred than others. What we're being promised is racial quotas and preferences in every conceivable program, in every possible corner of American life.

It may be objected that the United States is already well on its way to such a state of affairs. Racial quotas and preferences are firmly, almost fanatically, ensconced in higher education, at least in admissions to programs, if not in numbers of graduates. Corporate America's human resources departments, Kendi's most eager clients, revel in imposing racial quotas and enforcing "equity" orthodoxy.

Even so, something still sticks in the craw of most Americans about treating some people differently from others on account of race or ethnic identity. "You don't get to unite the country by dividing it along these deep and inflammatory issues of identity," Sullivan writes.

Proof of this came from the unlikely precincts of California last Nov. 3. Democratic politicians under the influence of critical race theory asked voters to vote yes on Proposition 16 to overturn the 1996 Proposition 209 referendum barring state government, including universities, from discriminating on the basis of race.

Some $20 million, with corporate elites happily kicking in, was spent to pass this Proposition 16, versus only $1 million to uphold Proposition 209. Yet Prop 16 -- and the legalization of racial quotas and preferences -- was rejected by California voters 57% to 43%. That's an even wider margin than the 55% to 45% by which 209 won in 1996, even though California has become far more Democratic since then: Bill Clinton carried the state by 13 points, Joe Biden by 29. That suggests that the Biden and corporate elite project to create a United States of Racial Quotas and Preferences is in conflict with a strong underlying current of American opinion that favors equal rights under law.

Michael Barone is a senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and longtime co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

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In America Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find

By Paul Craig Roberts


January 29, 2021

The FBI and a grandstanding acting US attorney, Michael Sherwin, are after Trump supporters. The FBI has arrested 150 people for their alleged role in the alleged “Capitol riot.”  The fact that there was no Capitol riot doesn’t matter.  No facts matter.  This is a shut-down-all-opposition-to-The Establishment operation.  Sherwin is doing his best to concoct a “conspiracy” case against the arrested, as those arrested are not guilty of anything real.  No one broke into the Capitol.  A few were allowed in by the Capitol police.  Videos show the police opening the doors, people entering in single file, walking around, and exiting.  One video shows a black police officer provoking people up the stairs where a few did selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  That was the extent of the “storming of the capitol.” But law enforcement (sic) officials say their investigation of the Trump conspirators is one of the most expansive in the FBI’s history, comparable to the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing, two suspected false flag operations.  

Videos also show that Antifa personnel and a CNN journalist were among those the police let into the Capitol.  They are celebrating that they had succeeded in getting some Trumpers inside and videotaping it as evidence that the Capitol was stormed. I posted these videos or links to them previously.

In other words, nothing happened at the Capitol except a black police officer for unknown reasons shot and killed a woman who was a veteran and who was not threatening the black policeman. The other four reported deaths seem unrelated to the alleged “deadly violent assault on the Capitol.”  Three of the four, a woman and two men, died from “medical energencies.”  In a crowd as large as the Trump supporters, three natural deaths from heart attacks, especially as many protestors of the stolen election were from older generations, would not be unusual.  I have seen no report connecting the reported deaths to being trampled in a riot or hit with tear gas canisters, bricks, or other objects associated with a riot.  One policeman is reported to have been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, but details have been spotty. Of course, details do not matter to the presstitutes, and the narrative can survive without them. 

The presstitutes present the reported deaths as if they are victims of Trumpers urged on by Trump. But the alleged riot occurred before Trump finished his speech, which was delivered some distance away from the Capitol. This raises questions about who the people at the Capitol were. If they were Trumpers, you would think they would be at  Trump’s speech.

As for the alleged pipe bombs, if they exist and are not another invention to enhance the story against Trumpers, why the assumption that those Americans rallying for Trump placed them?  How would they have gained access to DNC and RNC offices.  If any pipe bombs, real or fake, existed, how do we know that Antifa or the FBI didn’t place them as enhancements to the narrative?

We cannot know what really happened, because the narrative is fixed as a weapon against Trump and his voters.

Shift gears now.  Do you remember the violent riots, billion dollar looting and destruction of business districts in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, New York and many other cities? Clearly these violent riots were an organized conspiracy.  There is no FBI and US Attorney investigation of these real riots, real destruction, and real murders.  This wasn’t a make-believe “Trump insurrection.”  It was real. And there is no FBI investigation. No US attorney putting together a conspiracy charge.

What else do you need to know?  The FBI is after ordinary, good, decent, Americans who can be accused of anything and the presstitutes will report it as fact.  The FBI has no interest in real riots, real property damage, real murder.  The FBI and the acting US attorney Sherwin are not bringing charges against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are bringing charges against Trump Americans and against the Proud Boys.


Reuters reports that Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys and clearly not a white supremacist, is an undercover police informer.  This might or might not be true. There is no doubt that the Proud Boys are infiltrated by police agencies.  We can’t even know that the organization wasn’t formed by FBI undercover agents.  On the other hand, Tarrio might simply be being set-up by the FBI so that he is removed from the leadership. As the Proud Boys are demonized by the pressitutes and Democrats as “an extremist organization,” having a Hispanic at the head doesn’t fit The Establishment Narrative.  The Establishment needs to have Tarrio removed and a white male put in his place.  As all white people are “systemic racists,” once the Proud Boys are led by a white male, it is transformed into an “extremist white supremacist organization” and is guilty of everything by definition.

Shift gears to Covid. The entire world is involved in lockdowns, mandatory wearing of ineffective masks, rushed vaccination with an untested vaccine.  The PCR Covid test has been disavowed by its creator as a misleading test for Covid. All deaths from other causes are reported as Covid deaths.  Masses of people have lost their jobs from lockdowns and cannot service their debt. Seasonal flu cases are no longer reported and are conflated with Covid cases.  In all of this confusion, the question of where did Covid come from has gone unexamined.

Of course, it is part of the China demonization to blame it on China.  The facts seem to be different and unsupportive of the narrative. There is abundant evidence that Dr. Fauci of the National Institutes of Health funded gain-of-function research of the Coronavirus at the Wuhan laboratory in China  This is not conspiracy theory.  This is data of record. 

Gain-of-function research has to do with making a virus  easier to spread.  Why was this research being done?  The Establishment’s answer is that the research is necessary in order to gain scientific insight into how to prepare for a deadly pandemic.  First you create a highly infectious pathogen and then you seek knowledge of how to devise a vaccine that protects against it.  

Research on making viruses more infectious borders on biowarfare, an illegal enterprise. In order to avoid violating the biowarfare convention, did Fauci shift the research to China? Did the virus escape the Wuhan lab or was the US financing of the research in China a set-up so that when the virus was released in order to gain more control over populations China would take the blame? Whenever there are no proper investigations, conspiracy theories emerge.


All of this might sound far-fetched, and I agree.  But we are surrounded by conspiracy theories. Which are false and which are true? We have the 9/11 conspiracy that a man hiding in a cave in Afghanistan destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. The conspiracy against Saddam Hussein of “weapons of mass destruction.” The conspiracy against Assad of “Assad’s use of chemical weapons.”  The conspiracy against Russia of “Russian invasions” and “interfering in US elections.” We have the “Russiagate” conspiracy against Trump.  And now the “violent storming of the Capitol” conspiracy. 


The reason that democracies fail is that disinformation causes deadly attacks on democracy and civil liberty to go unrecognized by the people.

What does it take to get people to demand that their government give equal investigation to real Antifa and BLM riots as to a pretend “storming of the Capitol” by Trump supporters disturbed by what they regard as a stolen election?

What does it take to get people to demand to know why the US National Institutes of Health financed the research that made Covid infectious and easy to spread?

Why don’t we know how Covid came to be?

Isn’t it a conspiracy that the media speak with one voice–the voice of The Establishment?  Why are explanations controlled and alternative explanations censored?  Clearly, this is conspiracy.

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“There are six canons of conservative thought:

1) Belief in a transcendent order, or body of natural law, which rules society as well as conscience. Political problems, at bottom, are religious and moral problems. A narrow rationality, what Coleridge called the Understanding, cannot of itself satisfy human needs. "Every Tory is a realist," says Keith Feiling: "he knows that there are great forces in heaven and earth that man's philosophy cannot plumb or fathom." True politics is the art of apprehending and applying the Justice which ought to prevail in a community of souls.

2) Affection for the proliferating variety and mystery of human existence, as opposed to the narrowing uniformity, egalitarianism, and utilitarian aims of most radical systems; conservatives resist what Robert Graves calls "Logicalism" in society. This prejudice has been called "the conservatism of enjoyment"--a sense that life is worth living, according to Walter Bagehot "the proper source of an animated Conservatism."

3) Conviction that civilized society requires orders and classes, as against the notion of a "classless society." With reason, conservatives have been called "the party of order." If natural distinctions are effaced among men, oligarchs fill the vacuum. Ultimate equality in the judgment of God, and equality before courts of law, are recognized by conservatives; but equality of condition, they think, means equality in servitude and boredom.

4) Persuasion that freedom and property are closely linked: separate property from private possession, and Leviathan becomes master of all. Economic levelling, they maintain, is not economic progress.

5) Faith in prescription and distrust of "sophisters, calculators, and economists" who would reconstruct society upon abstract designs. Custom, convention, and old prescription are checks both upon man's anarchic impulse and upon the innovator's lust for power.

6) Recognition that change may not be salutary reform: hasty innovation may be a devouring conflagration, rather than a torch of progress. Society must alter, for prudent change is the means of social preservation; but a statesman must take Providence into his calculations, and a statesman's chief virtue, according to Plato and Burke, is prudence.”

 Russell Kirk, The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot

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14 hours ago, JakeHolman said:


Pat, did you not see aTrump push this for weeks and months??!!  The crowd came ready for what Trump had wanted them to do, which is what they did.  Luckily, they were unable to take any of the politicians to kill, as they planned to do!  Donald Trump incited this mob, and funneled money to it .  He bears sufficient responsibility, and deserves his second impeachment trial!

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15 hours ago, JakeHolman said:


At the rally trump told his supporters he would be walking to the Capitol with them. When they got there, many were surprised to find that he was not there too.

There are quite a few of these trump insurrectionists who have told the FBI and their local law enforcement that they were at the Capitol insurrection because trump had asked them to be there.

Some of these trump mob members even want to be witnesses at the impeachment trial to tell the senators that they came to tear up Congress and to attack our Representatives because trump asked them to. 

And worse yet, there is some talk of White House aides being summoned as witnesses, who may be able to verify that trump may have delayed reinforcements to the Congress because he was enjoying watching the violence on television and didn't want it to stop.

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Townhall Columnists  Jeff Davidson
Biden’s Immigration Plans Disregard the Preservation of Our Culture
Jeff DavidsonJeff Davidson|Posted: Feb 01, 2021 12:01 AM 
The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

With lightning speed, the White House, presumably under the direction of Joe Biden, sent a bill to Congress claiming to “restore humanity and American values to our immigration system.” Is there any truth to such a statement? 

More >> https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffdavidson/2021/02/01/bidens-immigration-plans-disregard-the-preservation-of-our-culture-n2583997?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=02/01/2021&bcid=d1d9d5db078c535efec82c0b247fe08a&recip=3533816


Townhall Columnists  Rachel Alexander
The Left Is Trying to Gradually Purge Us from the Entire Internet
Rachel AlexanderRachel Alexander|Posted: Feb 01, 2021 12:01 AM 
The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

We’ve learned by now that the purges happening on social media are not just aimed at extremists, as the left first claimed. They are gradually moving the goalposts to snare the rest of us conservatives too. Toward the beginning of the purges, the left claimed they were just banning people who incited or threatened violence. Then it moved to banning people who posted “false” memes (never mind that many of these memes were merely opinions or satire). Now the excuses are flying like crazy. Anything from questioning the results of the presidential election to promoting MAGA, which they’re claiming is synonymous with white supremacy, is suddenly off limits.  

More >> https://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2021/02/01/the-left-is-trying-to-gradually-purge-us-from-the-entire-internet-n2583996?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=02/01/2021&bcid=d1d9d5db078c535efec82c0b247fe08a&recip=3533816


Townhall Columnists  Michael Brown
To Christians Who Voted for Biden: Did You Not See This Coming?
Michael BrownMichael Brown|Posted: Jan 31, 2021 10:22 AM 
The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

For the last four years, those of us who voted for Donald Trump and who identify as committed followers of Jesus have been asked incessantly, “How could you vote for him? If you truly believe in what is written in Scripture, how could you vote for a man like Trump?” Now, the tables are turned, and that same question must be asked of those who identify as committed followers of Jesus and who voted for Joe Biden. How could you do it? Did you not see the radical, destructive, anti-Christian policy decisions he would make?

More >> https://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbrown/2021/01/31/to-christians-who-voted-for-biden-did-you-not-see-this-coming-n2583967?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=02/01/2021&bcid=d1d9d5db078c535efec82c0b247fe08a&recip=3533816








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“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

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Psalm 3:2-6
2 Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.” 3 But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. 4 I call out to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. 5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. 6 I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side.

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1 hour ago, JakeHolman said:

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

And you had NO ISSUE with Donald Trump being beholden throughout his presidency to Russian bankers, Ukrainian bankers, Saudi bankers, etc???!!!!   You find such pathetic quotes to bolster the World’s Biggest Sore Loser, Donald J. Trump!!!!

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1 hour ago, JakeHolman said:

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

Guess how much we owe this one?


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2 hours ago, Arturo said:

And you had NO ISSUE with Donald Trump being beholden throughout his presidency to Russian bankers, Ukrainian bankers, Saudi bankers, etc???!!!!   You find such pathetic quotes to bolster the World’s Biggest Sore Loser, Donald J. Trump!!!!

And don't forget Deutsche Bank. trump's  longtime banker there recently had to resign.

When they get to the bottom of all his dirty dealings, it's going to end up at Deutsche Bank, you can bet on it.

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10 minutes ago, jakeem said:


9 minutes ago, jakeem said:


Trump “suffered from voter perception that he wasn’t honest or trustworthy”


9 minutes ago, jakeem said:


a majority of Americans told pollsters Trump was dishonest from the first day of his presidency to the last


3 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

Yes, white voters fled from trump in every category--

Senior citizens

Young people

The college educated

And yes, even amongst males

With trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis being the KO.....

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