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notice how arrogant and testy he is ... he thinks he's entitled ... a king  ... can't wait to kick his tail out into oblivion ...


there's no way the clown biden could do what Trumpus did ...


she's truly sad ... you will see a conservative america first republican woman elected president before a dim rat woman... ironic ...





he ain't gotta a clue ...



he blathers about democracy and like all rats it's just the opposite ... they represent and truly believe ... totalitarianism ...


folks are waking up ... they now know their neighborhoods are no longer at risk ... the wolf is now there and killing and stealing ...



















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A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools
.By Donald J. Trump


As a candidate, Joe Biden’s number one promise was to “unite” America. Yet in his first months as president, his number one priority has been to divide our country by race and gender at every turn.

There is no clearer example than the Biden administration’s new effort aimed at indoctrinating America’s schoolchildren with some of the most toxic and anti-American theories ever conceived. It is vital for Americans to understand what this initiative would do, what drives it and, most importantly, how we can stop it.

For decades, the America-blaming left has been relentlessly pushing a vision of America that casts our history, culture, traditions, and founding documents in the most negative possible light. Yet in recent years, this deeply unnatural effort has progressed from telling children that their history is evil to telling Americans that they are evil.

In classrooms across the nation, students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as “critical race theory.” The key fact about this twisted doctrine is that it is completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children.

More >> https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2021/06/18/a_plan_to_get_divisive__radical_theories_out_of_our_schools_145946.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=db73d9c68b&mc_eid=34ccf2c938



Democrats Really Don't Like Democracy
Hugo Gurdon, DC Examiner June 18, 2021

Worried Capitol Hill Democrats whisper that they face a shellacking in the 2022 midterm elections. They’re tied 50-50 with Republicans in the Senate until Vice President Kamala Harris casts her deciding vote. And their House majority vaporizes if five or six members peel off from the caucus. The president’s party has lost 26 seats on average in midterm elections since World War II, so Nancy Pelosi and the “Squad” will have to perform five times better just to cling to a majority of one.

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The FBI's Role in the Jan. 6 Capitol Fracas Is Absolutely Disgusting

By J.B. Shurk
American Thinker

June 18, 2021

Do you remember how conservatives went out of their way to separate rank-and-file FBI agents from the corrupt actions of Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, James Baker, James Rybicki, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others as more evidence came to light revealing that the top brass at the bureau had worked to create an “insurance policy” that could be used to overthrow President Trump from office?  Writers and television pundits would always couch any criticism of the bureau in some respectful language like “we’re only talking about high-ranking officials here, not the FBI, itself, which is filled with the best agents in the world who are always looking out for America.”

I think we can dispense with the overly protective pleasantries at this point.  The FBI is a goon squad of un-American thugs who have taken the worst elements of East Germany’s Stasi police state and Cosa Nostra‘s organized crime and turned them into a blueprint for exercising and keeping illegitimate power over their enemies.  They aren’t a law enforcement organization, and they certainly don’t give a rat’s rear end about justice.  They’re regime enforcers with badges.

If the stated reason for the FBI’s inception was to pursue federal crimes that might otherwise be unenforced or overlooked in the interstate wilderness separating local jurisdictions, J. Edgar Hoover wasted no time turning the bureau into a personal domestic intelligence force capable of intimidating political enemies and insulating himself from potential removal through the use of blackmail.  Before Jim Comey was secretly leaking to the press and using Hillary Clinton’s “Russia collusion” dossier in an operation to take down President Trump, Mark Felt, the FBI’s second-in-command at the time of the Watergate scandal and the anonymous “Deep Throat” who made Woodward and Bernstein famous, actually succeeded in secretly bringing down President Nixon.  In this way, the FBI has at least as much experience overthrowing American governments as it does any enemy state.

You’d think it was sufficiently clear, as evidence mounted over the last five years, that Comey and Co. had undertaken a mission (with John Brennan at CIA, Bruce Ohr at Main Justice, Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, James Clapper, and Christopher Steele, the Russia hoax dossier author and former Russia desk head at Britain’s MI6) to frame the sitting president of the United States as a Russian asset by repeatedly filing fraudulent FISA affidavits with America’s secret surveillance court, among other unprosecuted crimes, to spy on Donald Trump and his associates.  But there were also the efforts of Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller, and their army of fifty FBI agents who spent two years trying to entrap President Trump on phony “obstruction of justice” charges during a bogus special counsel witch hunt.

Just as the FBI has subverted justice in order to “get Trump,” it has gone out of its way to provide the Democratic Party and all its “intersectional” tribes general immunity.  After disgraced FBI director James Comey laid out the elements for a prosecutable case against Hillary Clinton in 2016 for storing top-secret material on a bathroom server easily accessible to China and Russia, he immediately dismissed the idea of criminal charges, insisting that no “reasonable prosecutor” could obtain a conviction — an admission that either federal prosecutors or federal juries are incapable of punishing Democrats.  When the Russia hoax was finally revealed as an Intelligence Community operation run out of the Obama White House to spy on the Trump campaign and implode his presidency, nobody in charge was ever held accountable.  And Black Lives Matter and Antifa have, more or less, run roughshod over America with the FBI’s blessing and backing — leaving no doubt that the U.S. has an intentionally rigged two-tiered justice system that protects Democrats at all costs while persecuting Republicans without remorse.

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You know ... the nation has taken serious steps and measures to improve blacks' lives since LBJ's  Great Society legislation and laws ... trillions have been spent ... affirmative action has been enforced  in the Corporations and Federal govt. jobs and career goals resulting in white male discrimination. And here we are STILL being concerned about the poor black man.... when does this END? ...














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- PaulCraigRoberts.org - 

Democrats Continue Their Efforts to Cover up 2020 Stolen Election

Posted By pcr3 On June 26, 2021 @ 9:53 am In Guest Contributions | Comments Disabled
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