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4 hours ago, JakeHolman said:

nothing more pathetic than an old woman who can't accept her fate and move on as others do ...

Nothing more pathetic than low class tasteless comments by a political partisan (including an ageism crack) in an attempt to lash back at a wily political opponent who has clearly gotten inside Trump's head, making him respond more like a 12 year old having a tantrum than ever.

Oh, you would love Nancy Pelosi to "move on," wouldn't you, Jake? But it has everything to do with the fact that she's besting your President these days and you know it.

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AP fact check: Trump and a tale of 2 sheets of paper

Nation May 25, 2019 3:53 PM EDT

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump held up and read from a sheet of paper in the Rose Garden this past week as he argued he’s been hounded by investigators in the Russia probe for no reason. “Nearly 500 search warrants,” says the page, from an ABC News graphic. “More than 2,500 subpoenas.” And: “19 special counsel lawyers & 40 FBI agents worked the case.”

If that sounds like overkill by the Robert Mueller inquiry, it’s only half the story.

Trump did not show or quote from a second page that goes with the graphic, laying out the results of the investigation.

Among them: “37 total indicted … 26 Russians indicted … 4 people sent to prison … 7 guilty pleas.” In Trump’s telling, it’s all a hoax.

Selective accounting like that has been a constant in Trump’s rhetoric.

A look at some of his recent statements, on the Russia investigation, the border, the economy and more:.....


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how many times do we hafta read that trump politically is on the edge of doomsday...

I mean it's really getting old.


trump is this, trump is that blah blah blah.

impeachment? why doan they start it?

guilt of a high crime and misdemeanor? can they prove it?

msnbc and cnn are embarked on a daily exercise to win their own viewers who already agree with most of what they've been fed daily for more than 2 years now.

so when does that impeachment train pull out of the station?

now they praise Nancy Pelosi as a genius for irritating trump.

they were saying the exact same sheet this time last year.

well, trump is still here and he's still president.

oh, they've got the house!...

they can't remove trump with just the house.

so what's the deal?

everyday is political waterloo for trump.

I think we get that.


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