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The Morning Briefing: Never Trumpers Leg-Hump Every Leftist Narrative Just To Make Friends

Behold the Low-T Never Trump Embarrassment 

Happy Thursday, dear brilliant readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

We're on a journey today to the not-too-distant past. A past when moderate squish Republicans could play nice with real conservatives just to thwart the Democrats.

A time, my friends, before Never Trump.

Yes, it was a brief union. When the Tea Party movement was started by real conservatives its success made it attractive to a host of moderate Republican grifters who wanted to hang out with us because we threw better parties. Grifters who would one day self-identify as "Never Trump."

A sad little group, the Never Trump kids are. They go through life balling their fists, stomping their feet, and being mad at all the wrong things. They turn on their friends to hang out with the kids who they've ridiculously misidentified as the popular crowd.

Never Trump began in 2016 when a bunch of pasty and doughy ...

Read More >> https://pjmedia.com/columns/stephen-kruiser/2020/07/30/the-morning-briefing-never-trumpers-leg-hump-every-leftist-narrative-just-to-make-friends-n727566

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America’s National Pastime Just Betrayed America

July 28, 2020 Updated: July 30, 2020


Major League Baseball (MLB)—America’s “national pastime” by affirmation of the U.S. Supreme Court—has turned itself completely backward. What do you get when you reverse the league’s initials? BLM for Black Lives Matter.

The hallowed New York Yankees literally got on their knees and groveled in coordination with an avowedly Marxist, anti-white, anti-family, pro-abortion-on-demand organization founded to destroy the American family, private education, law enforcement, the military, free enterprise, and private property. In short, the avowed goal of BLM is to destroy our American values and way of life. It was easily the most shameful moment in the club’s storied history. It horrified me to see the successors of my childhood heroes—Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford—pledge fealty to an organization that promulgates hatred of all things American.

Read More >> https://www.theepochtimes.com/americas-national-pastime-just-betrayed-america_3441699.html?ref=brief_News&utm_source=morningbriefnoe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mb&__sta=vhg.hhksexjomqnskm|****&__stm_medium=email&__stm_source=smartech

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So true Mr. Mayor ... you're probably the last great Mayor New York City  will ever see ... so much has changed ...

True the New York Yankees are the best organization baseball has ever produced and my childhood hero and still is Mickey Mantle ... The Mick circling the bases after one of his behemoth home runs is a sight still in my memory banks ...

The country has fallen to a new low ...  

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4 hours ago, JakeHolman said:
Herman Cain Dies at Age 74: 'The World Is Poorer'

Posted by Joe Setyon



Beloved conservative activist and businessman Herman Cain has died, his team announced Thursday. He was 74. Cain had previously been hospitalized with the coronavirus since July 1. “Herman Cain – our boss, our friend, like a father to so many of us – has passed away,” read a post published... Read more…


 He didn't social distance or wear a mask at the Tulsa rally. A victim of Trump and his science deniers?

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Chronicles Magazine of American Culture

July 28, 2020

American "Stormtroopers"


With the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse under nightly siege from violent radicals, and Portland's police hard-pressed to protect it, President Trump sent in federal agents to secure the building. The reaction from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: "The use of stormtroopers under the guise of law and order is a tactic that is not appropriate to our country in any way."

Majority Whip James Clyburn endorsed the speaker's equating of the U.S. law enforcement officers to Ernst Rohm's SA thugs being deployed to do the dirty work of Adolph Hitler. "Nobody asked the federal government to come into Portland. Nobody asked them to come to Seattle," ranted Clyburn. "This is something that's made up of whole cloth by this administration as an excuse for sending in stormtroopers to incite the people." Clyburn had earlier compared the U.S. officers sent to Portland to Heinrich ****'s Nazi secret police: "This president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities on local communities, and this is what I've been warning about for a long time."            

His Gestapo comparison recalls Sen. Abe Ribicoff's denunciation of the Chicago police of Mayor Richard J. Daley during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, after police clashed with radicals in Grant Park: "With George McGovern, we wouldn't have Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago!"         

What do the men and women of the FBI, DEA, ICE, DHS, CBP, and the U.S. Marshals Service think of congressional leaders who equate them with Nazi stormtroopers and the Gestapo?

Outraged that Trump sent in federal agents to protect a building they had under siege for weeks, the Portland mob came out in even greater numbers and rioted through the weekend. Saturday night, there were solidarity riots with Portland in Seattle, Oakland, Austin, Richmond, and other cities.

Consider the depth of hatred of Trump that would cause leaders of the Democratic Party to compare U.S. law enforcement to Nazis. Still, to date, no apologies have been heard.  

Yet, as police are again being cursed and showered with debris, it is hard to see how this country reunites, and around what, no matter which party prevails in November. 

In addition to the reigniting of protests and riots in urban centers there has come, in tandem with demands to "defund the police," a surge in violent crime. Last week, Trump offered some staggering statistics: "In New York City, over 300 people were shot in the last month alone, a 277 ... percent increase over the same period of a year ago. Murders this year have spiked 27 percent in Philadelphia and 94 percent in Minneapolis compared to the same period in 2019.”

Perhaps no citizens have suffered more from the menace of violent crime than the wonderful people of Chicago ... At least 414 people have been murdered in the city this year, a roughly 50 percent increase over last year. More than 1,900 people have been shot. These are numbers that aren't even to be believed.       

As Black Lives Matter protests revive, ostensibly for greater justice for black folks, a vastly disproportionate number of victims of these urban shootings and killings are black, as are a disproportionate number of the criminals doing the shooting and killing.          

The New York Times suggests that a new "Silent Majority" of 2020, unlike Richard Nixon's Silent Majority of 1969, backs the protesters and their causes.

A dissent: While the country was disgusted and outraged at George Floyd's death from that cop kneeling on his neck and supported the protests and the calls for police reform, two months of leftist rampages have taken their toll. When the protests turned into riots, when the looting and arson began, when the statues began to be pulled down, when the rampages went on and on for weeks and months after Floyd's death, support began to wane. And it is dissipating quickly.    

The country is not going to sit still for three more months of this. At some point soon, America is going to say: Enough is enough.       

Moreover, Trump has turned a permanent presidential spotlight on a real outrage: The shootings and killings that go on year in and year out, and are now escalating, especially in poor black neighborhoods of major cities, and are accepted as normal by the same liberal Democrats who have misruled those cities for decades.         

Trump has put this issue on the table for the indefinite future. And the ferocity of the liberal reaction testifies to the validity of the issue and the terror of the left that a consistent stand for law and order—and with the cops who guarantee it against the mobs that threaten it—might turn the tide in Middle America back to where it naturally resides.          

The majority of Americans believe, and rightly so, that this is a good country. And they will eventually tune out radicals who visibly hate its heroes and history and have on offer nothing but their own inchoate rage.


Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever. To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at www.creators.com.

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Americans need to seriously look at the sober reality if our police force is diminished ... 911 saves lives everyday ... police presence keeps the criminals in check from taking actions against the people ... it's truly a life  or death reality ... the police are our last line of defense from chaos and lawlessness in our communities ...

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Silent Majority Will Reject Democrats' Platform

Conrad Black, American Greatness July 31, 2020

A part from exposing once again the obtuseness, the moral bankruptcy, and the almost inexpressible hatred of the president that possesses the Democratic congressional leadership, Attorney General William Barr’s appearance at the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday clarified in a few minutes why the national interest requires the reelection of the administration.

Read Full Article »
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Those limousine liberals, this includes obama, have it made ... live the good life that capitalism and law and order provide ... typical totalitarian marxists ...

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Image result for ny post

The ‘Never Republican’ crowd just wants to burn everything down

July 30, 2020 | 7:51pm

The ‘Never Republican’ crowd just wants to burn everything down

AFP via Getty Images


’Burn it down” is rarely a wise or prudent sentiment. A cadre of GOP opponents of President Trump is nonetheless calling for a purifying fire to sweep through the Republican Party in the fall, taking down not just Trump but as many party officeholders as possible.

Only this bloodletting will teach the party the hard lesson it needs to learn and mete out the punishment it deserves for accommodating Trump over the past four years. As a Soviet commissar once put it, “We must execute not only the guilty. Execution of the innocent will impress the masses even more.”

These Never Trumpers, as my colleague Ramesh Ponnuru puts it, are becoming Never Republicans. Their ranks run from the estimable columnist George Will, to Charlie Sykes of the anti-Trump Web site The Bulwark, to the operatives of the Lincoln Project.

Their hoped-for GOP electoral apocalypse doesn’t make sense on its own terms, and their advocacy for one bears all the hallmarks of this perfervid time in our politics — it, too, is rageful and extreme, but satisfyingly emotive.

Let’s stipulate that Republicans have often excused or looked past the inexcusable during Trump’s presidency, and almost every GOP senator has a dimmer view of Trump than he or she will let on publicly. GOP officeholders have been especially loath to speak of the character defects that blight his presidency.

All of this deserves to be called out, but should the party of Lincoln be leveled?

The Never Republicans refuse to account for the practical calculations of practical politicians hoping, in difficult circumstances, to achieve practical results.

Was Mitch McConnell supposed to say after Trump’s election, “I can’t work with him,” and, to borrow a phrase, burn down any chance of achieving anything constructive during a rare instance of unified GOP control of Washington?

McConnell obviously bites his tongue about the president all the time, but his main project has been working with the White House to confirm judges to the bench who are thoroughly committed to faithfully interpreting our laws and Constitution and will be doing their jobs long after Trump is a distant memory.

Even if you think McConnell should have played it differently, what would defeating him and ­every other Senate Republican ­accomplish?

Back in the Tea Party era, purists insisted on nominating in 2010 the flagrantly unelectable Christine O’Donnell to stick it to the Republican establishment good and hard. Sure enough, she lost to Democrat Chris Coons, who is well on his way to a stress-free 30-year career in the Senate.

If Susan Collins loses her Senate seat in Maine this year in a burn-it-all-down conflagration, it will play out the same way. Put aside that she is hardly a Trumpist. If she goes down to defeat, Republicans are never winning her seat back. And it doesn’t matter who the next Republican president is — one of the moderates that some Never Republicans favor or Don Jr. — the Democratic senator from Maine will be there to oppose whatever he or she is doing.

What the Never Republicans are hoping for is not just a repudiation of Trump. They want the least resistance to the most progressive president of our lifetimes to give him the greatest possible running room on abortion, conscience rights, health care, judges, climate, immigration, transgender policy, policing, gun rights, campaign finance, taxes, spending and, surely, things we can’t even think of yet.

This is a high cost to pay, not just for the Republican Party, but for the country — at least that’s what you think if you are a conservative who believes progressives are deeply wrong on all these questions.

It isn’t even guaranteed that the posited purifying loss will purify. There will never be a Donald Trump again, but it’s entirely conceivable that a post-Trump party will be more Trumpist, i.e., more populist, than before. Regardless, even after a landslide, the Republican Party will be made up of the same voters and officeholders who steadfastly supported Trump.

If the Never Republicans want a party untainted by these people, there is one available, and if they get their wish, it will be at the ­zenith of its power next year.

Twitter: @RichLowry

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the polls are tightening in the battleground states ... many will eagerly vote trump once the biden agenda and democrat party platform is exposed ... the debates will be decisive ...

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Unemployment rising, stock market declining, GDP worst in history.  Assistance programs have expired or will soon.  Small businesses going out of business at alarming rate.  China, Russia and other dictatorships expanding at an alarming rate.  US forces still entangled in two foreign wars.

COVID-19 not under control and getting worse.  When schools open, the rise in positive cases will be dramatic.

Real polls in battleground states show Trump losing in key areas that he easily won in 2016.

Trump scared to have a fair, honest and safe election because he knows he will lose - BIG.

I would call that losing, losing, losing. 

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Chronicles Magazine of American Culture
August 2020

Antifa: Nazis Without a Plan


above: Antifa members protesting against Trump in 2017 (photo by Einar Kvaran/Wikimedia)

Although I have spent much of my scholarly life warning against inappropriate comparisons between Nazis or fascists and the pet peeves of academics and journalists, I myself am now using the F-word (as in fascist) or really the N-word (as in Nazi) with growing regularity.

The antifascist left, about which I have just finished writing a book, resembles the Nazis in a striking way, particularly when these earlier advocates of violence were on their way to power. I am drawing this parallel while being fully aware of the qualifications that I am constrained to offer.

Yes, I am aware that, unlike the Nazis, American Antifa members and German Antifaschisten loathe their own race and nation and are doing everything possible to weaken them. They also favor filling their country with third world immigrants, preferably non-Christian, to change its inherited cultural and ethnic character. Further, these rioters and subversives are working to bring shame on once-celebrated national heroes and call for tearing down their statues and banishing national literatures. As I write, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have just torn down a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon. Elsewhere, Confederate memorial monuments, statues of Columbus, and other tributes to the onetime heroes of my youth are being smashed or defaced.

If all these things are true, then how do antifascists resemble those whom they claim to be combating?

First off, political movements often imitate those that they purport to stand in opposition to. The Nazis borrowed heavily from Stalin’s Communist regime. Concentration camps, a totalitarian state structure, ubiquitous secret police, and the cult of the leader were all aspects of the Soviet system that Hitler borrowed from his murderous Soviet competitor. Although he might have taken the leadership principle from the Italian Duce and then expanded it according to his own sinister designs, other traits of Hitler’s rule, including genocide, as historian Robert Conquest showed, were previewed by the Soviets. Hannah Arendt, a pioneer in the study of totalitarianism, has argued that Stalin experimented with anti-Semitism during his long rule. He thought it was an instrument in Hitler’s ideological toolbox that he too might put to good effect. The fact that Antifa claims to be against fascism, and particularly Nazism, certainly does not mean it cannot adopt some of its features from real Nazis.

Second, today’s Antifa and its German counterpart are not derived from traditional Marxist ideology, which appeals to a “science of socialism.” Antifa has no rational or even pseudo-rational plans to reconstruct society, but focuses on venting destructive energy against hate targets. In this tendency, Antifa and its riotous allies seem much more like Nazis than communists or generic Marxists. They illustrate what German philosopher Hermann Rauschning regarded as an essential characteristic of the Nazis, which was a “revolution of nihilism” that presumably would go on and on until it eradicated all inherited moral institutions and marks of human civility.

Having read Mark Bray, Alexander Reid Ross, and other Antifa theorists, it is hard for me to see anything positive they are engaged in beyond targeting enemies and calling for their destruction. Author Keith Preston, who has devoted his life to studying anarchist movements, is at a loss to find a coherent anarchist vision in the pamphlets and manifestos of Antifa activists. Like the Nazis, who incited violence against Jews, socialists, clericalists, and other supposed enemies of the German people, Antifa militants spread their mayhem to new targets daily, striking out against an ever-expanding collection of “fascist” enemies. 

Even more striking is the way in which both the Nazis and Antifa have built on a vast support system that gave their unruly behavior social acceptability. The German political sociologist Claus Wolfschlag has observed that German Antifaschisten, who provide the model for their American counterpart, represent no threat to those who run the German government. The anti-national left and left-center who exercise power do not stay up nights worrying that leftist rioters will devastate their assemblies or offices. The ones whom the violent protesters unleash their hate on are “the isolated and powerless.” These are people whom the Antifaschisten accuse of belonging to the nationalist right, or being insufficiently enthusiastic about admitting more Muslim migrants into Germany. Antifaschisten speak for those in high places politically and socioeconomically, while holding down and terrifying the antidemocratic troublemakers among the average population.

In the U.S., according to polls by Rasmussen Reports, Antifa enjoys openly declared support from more than 20 percent of the population. In addition, no Democratic member of Congress will lay a glove on our urban rioters without a multitude of qualifying statements. Progressive Democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, freely raise money for Antifa activities, while Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison proudly posed in a picture with Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook

Meanwhile, corporations supply funds for bailing out Antifa and BLM rioters, assuming municipal governments in New York City, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis do not let them out quickly enough. PepsiCo, Goldman-Sachs, Citibank, and the National Football League are just a few of the many corporate sponsors pampering those who are wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media giants censor and de-platform those who may be calling too much attention to what is being done by supposedly peaceful antifascists. 

A recent decision by President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr to declare Antifa to be “terrorists” brought forth indignant objections from the national press. New York Times star columnist Nicholas Kristof has been particularly exercised by the “Antifa panic” that supposedly keeps us from properly discussing white racism. One need only think of how little the mainstream media would respond if the president decided to go after Nick Fuentes and the Groypers—a decidedly more peaceful group of youths, but ones on the right.

Significantly, a recent film of Antifa meetings by Project Veritas indicates that we are not dealing here with informal groupings of activists as depicted in our mainstream media. These Antifa organizers also bear no resemblance to the protesters lying down on city streets who are photographed on the front page of the June 22-29 Time next to the caption “Overdue Awakening.” Not to be outdone by his leftist pals, Fox News commentator Jason Chaffetz, a retired Republican Congressman, informed his listeners that he feels “there's actually a lot of good people in [Black Lives Matter].”

Unlike National Review editor Rich Lowry, however, Chaffetz has not called, at least not so far, for removing memorial statues of Confederate generals that, in his view, celebrate traitors. Perhaps he may do so by the time this editorial is published.

All of this recalls the public relations advantage held by the Nazis, who reveled in the sympathy of many Germans while they were rising as an electoral force. Nazi sympathizers both inside and outside of the German administration and German military viewed Hitler and his paramilitary organizations as misunderstood patriots. But, unlike what has now developed in the U.S. and in much of Western Europe, there was at least some pushback by Germans against the Nazis. Nazis met considerable opposition on their way to power both inside and outside of the government, even if it was not enough to keep Adolf Hitler from becoming German Chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933.

Also, the legal revolution by which the Nazis took power was entirely avoidable and transpired not before, but after the Nazis' popular support had peaked. If the then-impaired German President Paul von Hindenburg had not been swayed by advisers to allow Hitler to form a government, the Nazi takeover might never have come to pass. A long-believed idea that Hitler was a tool of German capitalists is also not true, as the American historian Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., has proved definitively. Unlike American corporate boards which swoon over our domestic terrorists, German capitalists were long wary of the Nazis, who they thought would destabilize the economy and plunge Germany into war. 

In the U.S. today, Antifa runs riot in our cities. At the same time, its media partisans whitewash its outrages and try to divert our attention by screaming about white privilege. Equally problematic, our conservative celebrities try to make the problem vanish by denouncing Confederate General Robert E. Lee as a traitor and by demanding the immediate removal of Confederate monuments. 

Although one might fault the Germans for not having acted decisively enough against a now-obvious danger, what is happening in our country is even more appalling. The reaction to our brutal hellraisers has been virtually nonexistent. And the most pusillanimous response may be the one from authorized conservative celebrities and organizations, which seem to believe that they may quiet the raging storm by shaming those who fought for “the Cause” 150 years ago. I do not believe it’s coincidence that Conservative Inc. has decided to go after all things Confederate while so-called anti-racist rioters are destroying our cities.

We might also note that the communist left, against which post-World War II conservatives mobilized, never represented the internal danger posed by our antifascist Nazis. Although members of the Communist Party USA sometimes served Soviet masters and although the Soviet Union maintained a spy system in the West, American support for the Communists, outside of certain government circles during World War II and certain ethnic enclaves, was never strong. In 1936 Earl Browder, the Communist Party's candidate for U.S. president, received about 79,000 votes nationwide.

Do we even want to speculate about how many votes a candidate for president endorsed by Antifa leaders might expect to receive today? Leading politicians in the state of Minnesota now lavish praise on Antifa, a habit that doesn’t seem to disturb their voters. Moreover, no American leader so far has showed the courage of German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning, who induced Hindenburg to ban both the Brown and Black Shirts in January 1932. Yes, some of our conservatives mouth the phrase that “Antifa are terrorists,” but then they dart back to what they consider safe positions, such as calling for the further degradation of Southern heritage and the creation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. 

Pardon me for doubting that the elephant in the living room will go away after the presidential race in November. If Trump gains what may be a narrow victory, Antifa with its BLM partners will likely take to the streets. If Joe Biden, who is our senile equivalent of Field Marshall Hindenburg, wrests the presidency from Trump, his terrorist allies will most certainly demand a share of his power. We are no longer in 2008, when Obama’s unsavory supporters, like the Black Panthers, stayed quiet most of the time. Although Obama as a leader has always seemed to me to be much overrated, Biden has never equaled his former boss in anything, except perhaps in taking bribe money.

Since 2016, street demonstrators— more recently, rioters—have been working to weaken or subvert Trump’s presidency; and these helpers have every right to expect a big reward. Like Ernst Röhm’s Brown Shirts, they won’t go away because the guy they supported is now at the top. And least of all will they be bought off with decorative reforms or speeches read by a somnolent figurehead chief executive about fighting “systemic racism.” Hitler found an effective way to deal with street gangs on the Night of the Long Knives in June 1934, but mass slaughter may not be a path that is open to Biden and his friends in the media. 

There is, however, a silver lining in this otherwise bleak analysis. Antifa's leading lights are preposterous nerds like Mark Bray who—fortunately for our country—lack Hitler’s theatrical and strategic brilliance. Moreover, early Nazi theorists and apologists generally made much more sense than today's academic and media defenders of our rioting radicals, such as Jason Stanley, Timothy Snyder, Nicholas Kristof, Alexander Reid Ross, and others whom I forced myself to read while researching a book on antifascism. Here we are encountering not so much sinister thinkers as tiresome crybabies. 

Creating monstrous totalitarian regimes requires a sense of order and discipline; the current equivalent of the Brown Shirts who are taking over our cities and their theoretical defenders have no endgame, except for milking the system while destroying buildings and monuments and shooting policemen. But don’t expect our “liberals” or “conservatives” to push back awfully hard.


Paul Gottfried


Paul Gottfried is Editor in Chief of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He is also the Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College, where he taught for 25 years. He is a Guggenheim recipient and a Yale Ph.D. He is the author of 13 books, most recently Fascism: Career of a Concept and Revisions and Dissents.

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Just now, hamradio said:

Antifa are anti-nazi.  They are anarchists therefore don't have a plan but to cause chaos.

(Kind of a modern day Rebel(s) without a cause :wacko:)

No strategic political plan, but to cause chaos---

Just give that some detail with dividing Americans with hate and you've got your favorite president, trump.

I bet you didn't realize how much he has in common with anarchists.:D

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Biden: Transition to What?

By Steve Cortes

By his own admission, Joe Biden concedes he is merely a placeholder, telling a fundraising audience in May: “I view myself as a transition candidate.” This “transition” increasingly means a statist agenda that empowers a political rodeo of radical officeholders, reverses our country back toward globalism, and encourages street-level chaos across our land.

In any administration, personnel choices often compel policy. In the case of Biden, his woke orbit is dominated by agitators. The presumptive nominee’s “Unity Task Force” recommendations -- compiled with the input of prominent progressives -- read like a wish list from the faculty lounges of Ivy League schools in consultation with the University of California system. The manifesto calls for suspending all deportations of illegal migrants and the effective crippling of the American energy industry.

Read More >> https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/08/03/biden_transition_to_what_143860.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=41f79b410e&mc_eid=34ccf2c938


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The crippling of our energy industry alone disqualifies Senile Dangerous Joe from the Presidency ... The Green New Deal will turn out to be the Screw The People deal ... only the connected will get rich off this boondoggle ... while their gas prices for energy go sky high ...

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- PaulCraigRoberts.org - https://www.paulcraigroberts.org -

Democrats Have Flushed Public Safety, Law and Order, Down the Toilet

Posted By pcr3 On August 2, 2020 @ 9:19 pm In Guest Contributions | Comments Disabled

Democrats Have Flushed Public Safety, Law and Order, Down the Toilet

You are no longer safe in Democrat ruled cities and states.

https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2020/08/02/minneapolis-police-department-advises-residents-to-give-in-to-criminals/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=todays_hottest_stories&utm_campaign=20200802 [1] 

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