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Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals

Our Nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other
time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs.
supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.

During the 2020 election an “Open Letter from Senior Military Leaders” was signed by 317 retired
Generals and Admirals and, it said the 2020 election could be the most important election since our
country was founded. “With the Democrat Party welcoming Socialists and Marxists, our historic way of
life is at stake.” Unfortunately, that statement’s truth was quickly revealed, beginning with the election
process itself.

Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the “will of the people” our Constitutional
Republic is lost. Election integrity demands insuring there is one legal vote cast and counted per
citizen. Legal votes are identified by State Legislature’s approved controls using government IDs,
verified signatures, etc. Today, many are calling such commonsense controls “racist” in an attempt to
avoid having fair and honest elections. Using racial terms to suppress proof of eligibility is itself a
tyrannical intimidation tactic. Additionally, the “Rule of Law” must be enforced in our election
processes to ensure integrity. The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities
are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020. Finally, H.R.1 & S.1, (if passed), would destroy
election fairness and allow Democrats to forever remain in power violating our Constitution and
ending our Representative Republic.

Aside from the election, the Current Administration has launched a full-blown assault on our
Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner, bypassing the Congress, with more than 50 Executive
Orders quickly signed, many reversing the previous Administration’s effective policies and regulations.
Moreover, population control actions such as excessive lockdowns, school and business closures, and
most alarming, censorship of written and verbal expression are all direct assaults on our fundamental
Rights. We must support and hold accountable politicians who will act to counter Socialism, Marxism
and Progressivism, support our Constitutional Republic, and insist on fiscally responsible governing
while focusing on all Americans, especially the middle class, not special interest or extremist groups
which are used to divide us into warring factions.

Additional National Security Issues and Actions:

• Open borders jeopardize national security by increasing human trafficking, drug cartels, terrorists
entry, health/CV19 dangers, and humanitarian crises. Illegals are flooding our Country bringing high
economic costs, crime, lowering wages, and illegal voting in some states. We must reestablish border
controls and continue building the wall while supporting our dedicated border control personnel.
Sovereign nations must have controlled borders.

• China is the greatest external threat to America. Establishing cooperative relations with the Chinese
Communist Party emboldens them to continue progress toward world domination, militarily,
economically, politically and technologically. We must impose more sanctions and restrictions to
impede their world domination goal and protect America’s interests.

• The free flow of information is critical to the security of our Republic, as illustrated by freedom of
speech and the press being in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. Censoring speech and
expression, distorting speech, spreading disinformation by government officials, private entities, and
the media is a method to suppress the free flow of information, a tyrannical technique used in closed
societies. We must counter this on all fronts beginning with removing Section 230 protection from
big tech.

• Re-engaging in the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal would result in Iran acquiring nuclear weapons along
with the means to deliver them, thereby upsetting Mideast peace initiatives and aiding a terrorist
nation whose slogans and goals include “death to America” and “death to Israel” . We must resist the
new China/Iran agreement and not support the Iran Nuclear Deal. In addition, continue with the
Mideast peace initiatives, the “Abraham Accords,” and support for Israel.

• Stopping the Keystone Pipeline eliminates our recently established energy independence and causes
us to be energy dependent on nations not friendly to us, while eliminating valuable US jobs. We must
open the Keystone Pipeline and regain our energy independence for national security and economic

• Using the U.S. military as political pawns with thousands of troops deployed around the U.S. Capitol
Building, patrolling fences guarding against a non-existent threat, along with forcing Politically
Correct policies like the divisive critical race theory into the military at the expense of the War
Fighting Mission, seriously degrades readiness to fight and win our Nation’s wars, creating a major
national security issue. We must support our Military and Vets; focus on war fighting, eliminate the
corrosive infusion of Political Correctness into our military which damages morale and war fighting

• The “Rule of Law” is fundamental to our Republic and security. Anarchy as seen in certain cities
cannot be tolerated. We must support our law enforcement personnel and insist that DAs, our
courts, and the DOJ enforce the law equally, fairly, and consistently toward all.

• The mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief cannot be ignored. He must be able to
quickly make accurate national security decisions involving life and limb anywhere, day or night.
Recent Democrat leadership’s inquiries about nuclear code procedures sends a dangerous national
security signal to nuclear armed adversaries, raising the question about who is in charge. We must
always have an unquestionable chain of command.

Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration, our Country has taken a hard left turn
toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by
electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional
Republic. The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at

We urge all citizens to get involved now at the local, state and/or national level to elect political
representatives who will act to Save America, our Constitutional Republic, and hold those currently in
office accountable. The “will of the people” must be heard and followed.

Signed by:
RADM Ernest B. Acklin, USCG, ret. 
MG Joseph T. Anderson, USMC, ret. 
RADM Philip Anselmo, USN, ret. 
MG Joseph Arbuckle, USA, ret. 
BG John Arick, USMC, ret. 
RADM Jon W. Bayless, Jr. USN, ret. 
RDML James Best, USN, ret. 
BG Charles Bishop, USAF, ret.
BG William A. Bloomer, USMC, ret. 
BG Donald Bolduc, USA, ret.
LTG William G. Boykin, USA, ret. 
MG Edward R. Bracken, USAF, ret.
MG Patrick H. Brady, MOH, USA, ret. 
VADM Edward S. Briggs, USN, ret. 
LTG Richard “Tex’ Brown III USAF, ret. 
BG Frank Bruno, USAF, ret.
VADM Toney M. Bucchi, USN, ret. 
RADM John T. Byrd, USN, ret. 
BG Jimmy Cash, USAF, ret. 
LTG Dennis D. Cavin, USA, ret. 
LTG James E. Chambers, USAF, ret. 
MG Carroll D. Childers, USA, ret. 
BG Clifton C. “Tip” Clark, USAF, ret. 
VADM Ed Clexton, USN, ret.
MG Jay Closner, USAF, ret
VADM John G. Cotton, USN (ret)
MG Tommy F. Crawford, USAF, ret. 
MG Robert E. Dempsey, USAF, ret. 
BG Phillip Drew, USAF, ret. 
MG Neil L. Eddins, USAF, ret. 
RADM Ernest Elliot, USN, ret.
BG Jerome V. Foust, USA, ret. 
BG Jimmy E. Fowler, USA, ret. 
RADM J. Cameron Fraser, USN, ret.
MG John T. Furlow, USA, ret. 
MG Timothy F. Ghormley, USMC, ret. 
MG Francis C. Gideon, USAF, ret. 
MG William A. Gorton, USAF, ret.
MG Lee V. Greer, USAF, ret. 
RDML Michael R. Groothousen, Sr., USN, ret.
BG John Grueser, USAF, ret. MG Kent H. Hillhouse, USA (ret)
MG Ken Hagemann, USAF, ret.
BG Norman Ham, USAF, ret. 
VADM William Hancock, USN, ret. 
LTG Henry J. Hatch, USA, ret. 
MG Harald G. Hermes, USAF (ret)
BG James M. Hesson, USA, ret.
MG Bill Hobgood, USA, ret.
BG Stanislaus J. Hoey, USA, ret. 
MG Bob Hollingsworth, USMC, ret. 
MG Jerry D. Holmes, USAF, ret. 
MG Clinton V. Horn, USAF, ret.
MG James P. Hunt, USAF, (ret) 
LTG Joseph E. Hurd, USAF, ret. 
VADM Paul Ilg, USN, ret. 
MG T. Irby, USA, ret.
LTG Ronald Iverson, USAF, ret.
RADM (L) Grady L. Jackson 
MG William K. James, USAF, ret. 
LTG James H. Johnson, Jr. USA, ret. 
ADM. Jerome L. Johnson, USN, ret.
BG Charles Jones, USAF, ret.
BG Robert R. Jordan, USA, ret. 
RADML Herbert C. Kaler, USN, ret
BG Jack H. Kotter, USA, ret.
MG Anthony R. Kropp, USA, ret
BG Charles Kruse, ARNG, ret.. 
RADM Chuck Kubic, USN, ret. 
BG Jerry L. Laws, USA, ret. 
BG Douglas E. Lee, USA, ret. 
MG Vernon B. Lewis, USA, ret.
MG Thomas G. Lightner, USA, ret. 
MG James E. Livingston, USMC, ret. MOH 
MG John D. Logeman, USAF, ret.
MG Jarvis Lynch, USMC, ret. 
LTG Fred McCorkle, USMC, ret. 
MG Don McGregor, USAF, ret.
LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF, ret.
RADM John H. McKinley, USN, ret.
BG Michael P. McRaney, USAF, ret. 
BG Ronald S. Mangum, USA, ret.
BG James M. Mead, USMC, ret. 
BG Joe Mensching, USAF, ret. 
RADM W. F. Merlin, USCG, ret. 
RADM (L) Mark Milliken, USN, ret. 
MG John F. Miller, USAF, ret. 
RADM Ralph M. Mitchell, Jr. USN, ret. 
MG Paul Mock, USA. ret.
BG Daniel I. Montgomery, USA, ret.,RADM John A. Moriarty, USN, ret.,
RADM David R. Morris, USN, ret.
MG James H. Mukoyama, Jr. USA, ret 
RADM Bill Newman, USN, ret. 
BG Joe Oder, USA, ret. 
MG O’Mara, USAF, ret. 
MG Joe S. Owens, USA, ret.
VADM Jimmy Pappas, USN, ret. 
LTG Garry L. Parks, USMC, ret. 
RADM Russ Penniman, RADM, USN, ret.
RADM Leonard F. Picotte, ret. 
VADM John Poindexter, USN, ret.
RADM Ronald Polant, USCG, ret. 
MG Greg Power, USAF, ret. 
RDM Brian Prindle, USN, ret. 
RADM J.J. Quinn, USN, ret. 
LTG Clifford H. Rees, Jr. USAF, ret.
RADM William J. Ryan, USN (ret)
RADM Norman T. Saunders, USCG, ret. 
MG Richard V. Secord, USAF, ret. 
RADM William R. Schmidt, USN, ret.
LTG Hubert Smith, USA, ret.
MG James N. Stewart, USAF, ret. 
RADM Thomas Stone, USN., ret. 
BG Joseph S. Stringham, USA, ret. 
MG Michael Sullivan, USMC, ret. 
RADM (U) Jeremy Taylor, USN, ret. 
LTG David Teal, USAF, ret. 
VADM Howard B. Thorsen, USCG, ret. 
RADM Robert P. Tiernan, USN, ret. 
LTG Garry Trexler, USAF, ret. 
BG James T. Turlington, M.D., USAF, ret.
BG Richard J. Valente, USA ret. 
MG Paul Vallely, USA, ret.
MG Russell L. Violett, USAF, ret. 
BG George H. Walker, Jr. USAR Corp of Engineers, ret. 
MG Kenneth Weir, USMCR, ret. 
BG William O. Welch, USAF, ret. 
MG John M. White, USAF, ret.
MG Geoffrey P. Wiedeman, JR. USAF, ret. 
MG Richard O. Wightman, Jr., USA, ret. 
RADM Denny Wisely, USN, ret.
RADM Ray Cowden Witter, USN, ret

LTG John Woodward, ret.


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- PaulCraigRoberts.org - 

Dominion Voting Systems and Maricopa County Democrats Refuse to Cooperate with the Arizona Audit of the 2020 Election

Posted By pcr3 On May 15, 2021 @ 6:54 am In Guest Contributions | Comments Disabled

Dominion Voting Systems and Maricopa County Democrats Refuse to Cooperate with the Arizona Audit of the 2020 Election

Clearly there is much to hide as the corrupt Democrats are defying court orders and subpoenas to hide the stolen election.

When, if ever,  more proof of election theft emerges, chances are that the Republicans will themselves hide it in order “to protect America’s reputation” and in order “to prevent the public’s loss of confidence in democracy.”  Republicans are so befuddled that many confuse covering up election fraud with protecting democracy.

https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/dominion-maricopa-county-rebuff-arizona-senates-attempt-to-get-election-machine-passwords_3815423.html?utm_source=Morningbrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mb-2021-05-15&mktids=13d7e446fd722c726e49668d60dfd066&est=pthXr0MzIQaC6F4lEtYwVLCcnwRbZKCUq2rQxaF9mfbMNl9d3nKgFw%3D%3D [1] 

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The Catholic Case for Secession?
By Eric Sammons
Crisis Magazine

December 24, 2020

Ever since “red states” and “blue states” entered our popular lexicon in the weeks following the 2000 election, Americans have understood that our country’s citizens have taken two divergent paths at the fork in the road. Twenty years later, the possibility that those paths will converge one day seems more and more remote. That is why a word that has long been forbidden in American discourse has gained traction in recent years: secession.

In most Americans’ minds, “secession” conjures up images of the Civil War, slavery, and racism. It represents the darkest and bloodiest hour of our nation’s history, when families were divided and brother fought against brother. Because the term is linked in our minds to a long and nearly crippling war, we naturally recoil at the idea of secession. Additionally, the mythology subconsciously espoused by many Americans that our country is divinely ordained to extend freedom throughout the world makes the suggestion that America could decrease in size unfathomable to most of us.

Yet, people are now talking seriously about the possibility of secession. The proximate cause is the shenanigans associated with the most recent presidential election. A large number of Americans believe that the candidate likely to be sworn in on January 20, 2021 was the beneficiary of fraud on a large scale. If this is the case, then the political system is fundamentally broken; an increasing number of Americans are questioning the efficacy of continuing the charade of a united country.

So, can a Catholic support the idea of secession?

Let’s take a step back first. Is secession legal? One of the greatest American Catholic legal minds, Antonin Scalia, argued that it is not. “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War,” he wrote, “it is that there is no right to secede.” With all due respect to the late Justice Scalia, and with a little trepidation about contradicting him, this makes no sense. When one political body secedes from another, the seceding body is rejecting the authority of the first. In other words, all laws in effect in the original nation are no longer applicable to the seceding nation, since it is no longer part of that original nation. Asking if secession is legal, then, is actually nonsensical, for the people seceding do not recognize the laws of the original country.

But even if it’s “legal,” is it moral? Because Americans equate secession with a bloody civil war, many argue that if you support secession, you support needless bloodshed. But bloodshed is not a foregone conclusion. In the early 1990s, fifteen Soviet republics seceded from the Soviet Union without a civil war. In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia without sparking a violent conflict. Other examples are littered throughout history, particularly recent history. Secession can be peaceful, and it is peaceful secession that I am considering here.

From a Catholic point of view, the benefits of secession include new opportunities for legal protection of the unborn, reduced cultural and political conflict, and more robust subsidiarity.

Secession would provide better prospects for legal protection of the unborn. Some Catholics argue that abandoning the union would be abandoning the unborn in the new leftist/socialist nation-states that would be formed. If California, for example, were to leave the union, it’s unlikely it would ever restrict abortion in any way.

Read the Whole Article


Copyright © Crisis Magazine

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With The United States Of America Controlled By Radical Leftists, What Does “Patriotism” Mean?

Posted on May 11, 2021 by wayneallensworth 

By Wayne Allensworth

The old America many of us remember fondly has died of a theory — the theory of radical egalitarianism manifested since the 1960’s as the “blank slate” view of human nature. Sensible people acknowledge — or at least quietly admit to themselves — that social-economic disparities among racial and ethnic groups are most likely the natural result of differences in the abilities and interests of those groups. Engineering an equality of outcomes for all would require totalitarianism. Freedom or absolute equality, take your pick.

The globalists and their leftist allies cannot ever admit such a thing, as it would mean denying their ideology and the viability of their project of radically restructuring the world. Thus, the Revolution is never ending, as the goal of absolute equality is impossible. Like the Soviets under Stalin, the revolutionaries must constantly seek explanations for the failure of the Plan. If blacks are disproportionately imprisoned, then “systemic racism” must be to blame. If women are “underrepresented” in STEM fields, there must be a nefarious “glass ceiling” blocking their advancement. And that means a forever witch hunt for “wreckers” and “saboteurs” in the form of phantom “white supremacists” working through an invisible “institutional racism” supported by an evil “patriarchy.”

What’s more, as the Revolution becomes institutionalized, sweeping all before it, it becomes both a fervently religious project, as people who have lost their traditional religion seek redemption by other means, and a vehicle for upward mobility within the system that supports it. As with Stalinist apparatchiks in the USSR, advancement by denunciation is a viable means of working within the system, though the virtue-signaling apparatchiks themselves must be ever watchful, lest the Revolution consume its children.

Sleepy Joe’s administration is radically left-wing, openly pursuing an anti-American agenda that was implicit during Obama’s presidency. From imposing “critical race theory” to purging the military to essentially ending border controls, all with the encouragement and support of a vast array of mass media, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations, the managerial system is brazenly and unabashedly deconstructing the vestiges of an old America it despises. For all intents and purposes, the Globalist Blob is our system of government. The “checks and balances” and representative institutions you learned about in school are corrupt, even inoperative, especially at the national level. We cannot expect the law to protect us “deplorables.” Derek Chauvin’s conviction was a foregone conclusion. Donating money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund can get you fired.

“Constitutionalism” as a defensive strategy is a failure, not only because our opponents have deconstructed and re-interpreted the document itself practically out of existence, but because the most ardent constitutionalists failed to acknowledge that the document and the political structures related to it were the products of a specific time, place, and people, and that constitutionalism itself cannot remain viable if the heirs of the people who created it are attacked, degraded, denounced, and replaced.

Our vaunted “freedom” was not something that happened by accident or because of ideology. It was a cultural artifact of our people, of the habits and customs they inherited. There cannot be any America without a strong, confident, and self-aware American ethnos. That’s why our very determined enemies carry on a relentless assault on “white supremacy.” It explains why they attack “whiteness,” including the presumption of innocence, the Electoral College, and the concept of equality before the law.

The United States of America as a political manifestation of the American ethnos is dead, but the ethnos, weakened and under siege, lives on. Acknowledging that the global capital on the Potomac and the system it represents are indeed hostile to us is a necessary step toward thinking about what comes next. To begin again, a reassessment of what “patriotism” means is necessary.

At this late date, with our enemies firmly in control, Scott Greer correctly answered the question of what patriotism means for the American Remnant:

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor for Chronicles Magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood   

Share This:  With the United States of America Controlled by Radical Leftists, What Does “Patriotism” Mean? | American Remnant (american-remnant.com)

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Image result for ny post logo

Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan wages war on the suburban dream

May 17, 2021 | 7:53pm |

If you saved your money and bought a house in the suburbs, your investment and lifestyle may soon come under attack. The single biggest item in President Biden’s “infrastructure” bill, now being negotiated with Congress, is $213 billion he claims will be used to increase affordable housing. 

What he really wants is to put the federal government in charge of local zoning and to install apartment buildings throughout single-family-home neighborhoods.   

That $213 billion is nearly twice the spending on roads and bridges. It would change towns everywhere and, for many families, torpedo the American Dream of a house with a patch of lawn.

The Biden plan’s backers are hypocrites. Biden himself owns a four-acre lakefront home in upscale Greenville, Del., where there is absolutely no public housing, affordable housing or rentals that accept housing vouchers. And don’t expect any to be built next door to the Bidens.

Biden has always had a passion for stately homes and swanky addresses, even buying a 10,000-square-foot mansion that once belonged to the DuPont family, of 19th-century gunpowder wealth. Not exactly the sort of housing setup you’d associate with “Scranton Joe.”

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, meanwhile, own a $5 million gated home on a street of expensive single-family homes in Brentwood, Calif. That’s privilege.  

These politicians love single-family zoning and exclusivity for themselves, but not for the rest of us. When Biden was vice president, Team Obama launched its Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program in 2015 to ensure that every neighborhood includes housing for low-income buyers and renters and public transportation. Now, as president, Biden would massively expand such efforts.

The United States has a housing shortage. But the answer isn’t to have Washington, DC, strong-arming local decision-makers. That’s what Biden’s plan does. The bill creates a gigantic pot of taxpayer funds to hand out to towns that surrender self-rule. 

That’s a mistake. Local control is vital. Towns can take into account the availability of public transportation, school capacity and proximity to employment. Uncle Sam has no clue.

Advocates for federal control argue that if anyone can afford a neighborhood, everyone should be able to afford it. That means locating apartment clusters even way out on country roads. Bus routes and bus shelters would have to be built. Roads would have to be widened to accommodate traffic, and sewers and water lines would be needed. Say goodbye to country living.

Advocates for abolishing zoning mock suburbanites for worrying about home values. But for most people, their home is their biggest investment, and they waited years to afford it.

Local control allows them to be part of the solution. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is pushing to end single-family zoning, while her opponents warn that increasing density would strain schools and transportation and require cutting down the “tree canopy” over the city’s older neighborhoods. Atlantans will decide.  

Other communities are building in-town housing for young working people and seniors, while allowing homeowners to build accessory apartments for extended family or renters. The point is this: Washington doesn’t need to put its big thumb on the scales.  

Biden’s proposals to make housing affordable are laughable. He calls for “putting union building-trade workers to work” to “save families money.” Right, as if mandating union-only labor has ever been a money saver.

Biden is also proposing a first-time home buyer’s tax credit of up to $15,000 that buyers can receive when they purchase, rather than when they file taxes. Paying people to buy homes will push up housing prices, the same way federal college aid and loans have pushed up tuitions. Federal interventions have a way of backfiring.

Biden’s plan won’t expand the American Dream — but kill it.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York.

Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan wages war on the suburban dream (nypost.com)

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The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right, and his ears are open to their prayers. But the Lord turns his face against those who do evil.”

1 Peter 3:12 (NLT)

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- PaulCraigRoberts.org - 

Easy to hack US elections 

Posted By pcr3 On May 20, 2021 @ 7:10 am In Guest Contributions | Comments Disabled

Easy to hack US elections 

The Democrats, presstitutes, and Dominion told us that the voting machines were not hackable.  Here is a bevy of independent experts explaining that the machines are very hackable.  So, why did the Democrats, presstitutes, and Dominion lie?  

https://www.brighteon.com/ca7e45dd-b6d5-41c4-944b-d07a03a6fbba [1]

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“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

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