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Please, the name of the actresses on a one reel wonder.


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This zany short one(one reel wonder) came on Thanksgiving evening, about 7 :30 pm, Nov 23..

The two featured actresses were ? and ? , from the 30s, I'd guess.

I really do enjoy their work - which is a little akin to the three stooges, but with much more class...

I hope someone here can help with names and titles..

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The short was "The Tin Man" with Thelma Todd (the blonde) and Patsy Kelly (the non-blonde).


TCM shows LOTS of shorts. On the Forum Home page (which you had to have found to get to post this, I assume), look further down under the Genre Forums. Find "Shorts" and open it. Then find (almost always one of the first two) the "Upcoming Shorts" thread and open it. You'll find a wealth of material there, especially since MGMWBRKO (a TCM worker) began a labor of love in supplying about a week's worth of titles at a time. The shorts can't be printed in the magazine because they are chosen much closer to air time than the features.


Also, in case you didn't know, you can get schedules (subject to change when a star dies, etc.) always for at least two months in advance. Click on the "Month Schedule" link at the top of the page. It will let you go one or two months ahead. It is usually possible to go three months, but not through the icons. Read the threads - you'll find more than you ever expected.


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