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"In the Spotlight"

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A great person to have "In The Spotlight". I always liked Sal Mineo and thought he was a fine actor. I have seen him in Giant and Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus. I just recently saw his as a guest star in the Combat! t.v. series.


An excellent underated actor - it is quite a shame the way in which he died. I can't believe it happened in 1976- 31 years ago went by so quickly.

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He also played a character named "Angel" in a TV movie from 1970-"The Challengers." How appropriate, because he always had an "angelic" quality about him. It is a shame that he was not "able" to do a film version of James Kirkwood's novel/play "PS Your Cat Is Dead." Steve Guttenberg finally brought it to the screen (as actor/writer/director) in 2002. He dedicated the film to Sal Mineo.

Plato: Do you think the end of the world will come at night time?

Jim: Uh-uh, at dawn.

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> And before anyone categorizes him under the often

> narrow heading of Charactor Actor, I'd happily advise

> them to take in the gem that is "You Can't Take it

> With You", in which EA repeatedly wedges in between

> co-stars Lionel Barrymore and James Stewart, and

> quietly steals every scene he graces.


I quite agree Klondike, well said. And that's why I say he's one of my favorite actors of all time! What a talent and what majestic presence he had. He should have played Henry VIII --- did he, ever?

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Miss G, the movie is based on the novel. I found a brief review of the film:


I found this film to be intriguing and as a result, I liked it! One can clearly see that it's a B-film. It was directed by one of the masters, Josef Von Sternberg.

Peter Lorre gives a good account of himself as a man who tries to cover up a crime that he committed. He is dogged by a somewhat good-natured police inspector played by Edward Arnold and is helped onto the road of redemption by a kind, angelic prostitute played perfectly by Marian Marsh.

Dostoyevsky's long novel has been adapted into a tight 88 minute feature film, which runs along smoothly and is never dull. "Crime and Punishment" is a film which is intelligently written, directed and acted.


I couldn't find where Edward Arnold ever played Henry VIII.

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Thank you, Mongo, for taking the trouble to look that up for me! It sounds like a movie I'd love to see: a modern take on Crime and Punishment. I certainly hope TCM airs it one day!


I think Arnold would have made an amazing King Henry VIII, not because of his girth only but mainly for his command of the language and his presence.

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Shonna, glad you enjoyed the photo. I always liked candid shots of the stars having a good laugh, whether out on the town or on the set.


Miss G, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the movie "Crime and Punishment" on TCM.

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