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Thanks for giving my favorite actor Peter Lorre a moment "In the Spotlight". Unfortunately, the biographical material you used -- from Wikipedia or IMDB? -- is not accurate.


Peter did not "run away from home at 17" to become an actor. He simply left his home in Vienna and spent more time with his acting friends than his family.


You'll find the real story of Peter's life here -- http://peterlorrebook.com/plbio.html -- in a biographical sketch written by Stephen Youngkin, his authorized biographer and author of "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre".


And if you'll go to the photo section of this website, from which Mongo "borrowed" a number of photos, you'll get the correct captions: http://peterlorrebook.com/plphotos1.html


For example, the photo of Peter Lorre and Priscilla Lane is not from the set of "Arsenic and Old Lace". It was taken while Peter was shooting "All Through the Night" (Warners, 1942).


Enjoy the "Lost One" website -- http://www.PeterLorreBook.com.



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Cheryl, thanks very much for your input regarding Peter Lorre. It was my pleasure to present this marvelous actor "In the Spotlight" that he so richly deserves.

Although my intentions are good, it's not always easy to get accurate information on the internet, although I do try. Of course I do falter at times. I will make those corrections that you mentioned.

As a long time movie buff my sole intention is to present movie stars in all their glory and in a fair light, for all members to enjoy.


Joe aka Momgo

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Hi Cheryl Morris.....


I'm thrilled to find another 'Peter Lorre' fan out there....

Thank you for portraying the various pics of Mr. Lorre & his life.


I am in the process of reading "The Lost One" by Stephen Youngskin

and find it very informative and it gives such a '3rd dimensional' view

of Peter Lorre that I've never known before....


And I'm also trying to see and collect as much of his movies

that I possibly can. I've just ordered 'Crime & Punishment' through Amazon,

but only the VHS was available, which I opted for, anyways....

I just have to get myself a VHS player now...ha ha


I have a long list of his movies for Rental through Netflix...

which I am now watching, Secret Agent, the 1st Mr Moto, & 5 Weeks in a Baloon.

I also watch as much as I can on Youtube, even his pre-Hollywood days, when

he was in Germany/ Austria.....Oh the man was brilliant, speaking Hungarian, German,



Here's something funny....In 1976, I had a dream of Peter Lorre that he was chasing me

down a flight of stairs, & though I was running, he was slowly walking behind me,

& I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck...weird, huh ?

I should have let him catch me !! I think about that dream when I see him running up a

flight of stairs, like in the Mask of Dimitrios, Arsenic & Old Lace, & there's a 3rd one,

I can't think of the name, but it's also with Sidyney Greenstreet, & it's @ the turn of the

Century, & he chases after a burgler, running down a flight of stairs, in his sleeping gown.


But my Hats off to one of the Greatest Actors, who didn't want to be remembered

as a 'villain' but as the Wide Range of Various Roles that he had proven himself in

and gave all that he could.


A Fantastic actor, to say the least, and Wonderful 'Facemaker' that he was.....

and of course.......the EYES have it !!!!!


Ugaarte : )

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In the Spotlight: EILEEN HECKART




The dimpled, versatile actress was born Anna Eileen Stark on March 29, 1919 in Columbus, Ohio to a family of Irish extraction.


An only child, she lived with her mother after her parents separated when she was 2. Her childhood was an unhappy one. Her mother, an alcoholic, was married five times, and her stern grandmother, whom Eileen often stayed with was abusive.


She managed to attend and graduate from Ohio State University in 1942 with a degree in English and a B.A. in drama.


With her lean, horsey face and assured, fervent gait she moved to New York and toiled in a number of day jobs while trying to jump start a career in acting. Beginning in summer stock, Eileen took classes at the American Theatre Wing and apprenticed in a number of obscure plays and revues.

Following extensive work on the NY stage, which included her Broadway debut as an understudy and eventual replacement in "The Voice of the Turtle" (1945), she advanced to Broadway and live television character notoriety.

Her many credits include "Picnic", "The Bad Seed", "A View from the Bridge", "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs", "Barefoot in the Park", "Butterflies Are Free", and "The Cemetery Club".

She was nominated for three Tony Awards, and was eventually awarded a special Tony for her "excellence in theater" .


'Heckie' was a dominant yet only intermittent force in films, making her debut in "Miracle in the Rain" (1956) featured as Jane Wyman's confidante, followed by "Somebody Up There Likes Me" as Paul Newman's mom, and "Bus Stop" as marilyn Monroe's friend.

Although greatly disappointed losing the bid to recreate her Broadway role in "Picnic" (Rosalind Russell did the part), she did receive the satisfaction of transferring her stage role as the despairing, drunken mom whose son falls victim to young Patty McCormack's malevolent mischief in "The Bad Seed" (1956). For this she copped an Oscar nomination and won the Golden Globed Award.

Other films included, "Hot Spell" with Shirley Booth, "Heller in Pink Tights" with Sophia Loren, "My Six Loves" with Debbie Reynolds, "Up the Down Staircase" with Sandy Dennis, "No Way to Treat a Lady" with Rod Steiger, and "Buterflies Are Free" as a busybody mom of a blind son for which she won the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.


The Oscar did not bring her the pick of the litter roles afforded to some so fortunate, but the veteran continued on in all three mediums. While not fond of sitcom work, she won kudos for her guest work on such shows as "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Love & War", "Ellen", "Cybill", etc.

She was nominated for a total of 7 Emmy awards for her dominant work in television.


Heckart was married to John Harrison Yankee Jr. from 1944 until his death in 1997. They had 3 sons (Mark, Philip and Luke). Her son Luke Yankee is the author of "Just Outside the Spotlight: Growing Up with Eileen Heckart", published in 2006.


A smoker, Heckart was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away on the last day of 2001 at her home in Norwalk, Connecticut at the age of 82. She was survived by 3 children and 2 stepsisters.


Marlene Dietrich said of her, "If she were acting in Europe, she'd be queen of the boards. The barbarism of Hollywood typecasting deprives the world of her true talents."


Eileen Heckart has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Wonderful actress! The first time I saw her was in a two-part episode of The Fugitive, in which she played a nun. She reprised her role a few seasons later, and, sadly, her character was dying from a brain tumor.

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