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Thank you, what a GREAT MOVIE.....

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Just wanted to say I LOVE this message board site. Thanks to some messages I found one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I found a copy of "Merrily We live". I have never seen this film, but sat up till 3 am watching this movie by myself. I laughed my head off. I especially loved the beginning part where the last butler Ambrose had stolen the silverware, so the family was using all sorts of family utensils to eat breakfast with. That was hilarious.


I would LOVE to hear everyone's favorite classic comedy. This one ranks right up there with "Murder he says,"" Ghostbreakers ", "It's a wonderful world", and "It happened one night "just to name a few.



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The Awful Truth? Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.!!! I have seen it and it is Hilarious. I LOVE it when Irene Dunne pretends to be Grants "cousin" to new wife.


Now what is the other movie of this same storyline?


Give me some more great comedies allong this line.


I LOVE TCM and love this great message board.


Thanks for the welcome.



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I have seen I was a male war bride. Very funny as well. Love Cary in the wig. LOL. I also love him in Monkey Business with Ginger Rogers. That part is perfect for her, as is her part in The Major and the Minor.


Any other suggestions?

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The other thing that impressed me about Merrily We Live was that pratfall Clarence Kolb (the dad in the movie) took in the kitchen. I looked him up and it turns out that he was in a slapstick vaudeville act with a partner for many years (and even made early silents in that incarnation).


I cracked up at the dogs' names, and I love the way the cast comes strolling toward the camera in the opening credits.

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