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D.O.A. in London


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Remember the 1950 movie ?D.O.A.? with Edmond O?Brien? His character was murdered with a chemical called ?luminous poison?. Although the film didn?t state it outright, this was a radioactive substance that was placed in O?Brien?s drink at a bar that killed him within about 24 hours. That gave him enough time to track down his own killer.


Well, it has finally happened in real life:




The Health Protection Agency said the radioactive element polonium-210, which is extremely hard to detect, had been found in Litvinenko's urine.


Polonium-210 occurs naturally and is present in the environment at very low concentrations, but can represent a radiation hazard if ingested.


"Only a very, very small amount of polonium would need to be ingested to be fatal, but that depends on how pure the polonium is," said Dr. Mike Keir, a radiation protection adviser at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.


The agency's chief executive, Pat Troop, said that the high level indicated Litvinenko "would either have to have eaten it, inhaled it or taken it in through a wound."


Earlier, Home Secretary John Reid said Litvinenko's death Thursday night was "linked to the presence of a radioactive substance in his body."

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wow..your right....thanks for the info...I had read the article this morning and didnt make the connection.......I love the original D.O.A.......the remake sucks......I forgot who was in the remake, I think Dennis Quiad or something........does anyone remember who was in the remake made in the 80's?

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Hi Fred,


This is a very bizarre scenerio indeed; very James Bond and John Le Carre......


I'm wondering how the assassin transported this radioactive weapon and if others could be affected by being near it. MI5 think he got it in his soup at that suschi bar in Picadilly.

Thank God I don't care for suschi... Raw fish will kill you!!!!!



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