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TCM Review = White Christmas 1954 -bing crosby


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what can i say to anyone who hasnt seen, other than SEE IT !!!


although its not religious, and theres no santa, this movie, white christmas, brings together the true meaning of christmas, caring family and friends. this romantic comedy drama really has everything, love, friendship, even war explosions.


its a timeless classic which i myself takes for granted only because i seen it so many times.


on my 1-5 movie scale, i give white christmas a must see 4.5


anyone elses thoughts?

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It's a fairly recent rediscovery for me. My memories of seeing it during childhood rested merely on the kaleidescope of blue feathers that dazzled me during the "Sisters" number.


Over the past few years, a fantastic stage production of White Christmas hit San Francisco. It featured the blue feathers, along with the rest of the numbers (except that "Mandy" was replaced with a grand production number to the song "I Love a Piano"). It's not playing here this year; instead it's gone on the road and if it hits your city, I urge y'all to go.


This stage presentation brought me back to the movie, and I discovered how true to the movie the live version was -- right down to the bow on the back of Rosemary Clooney's black dress. This VistaVision premiere is a good musical and it's fun to watch out for Barrie Chase and George Chakiris in the chorus (and did you see "Alfalfa"?). I suspect that Mary Wickes is a treasure. The colors are vivid; Clooney's voice is remarkable. Vera-Ellen was dubbed and I'm not sure that her dance numbers really showed what she could do. Berlin's score is Americana in every good way. But the best thing is the sentiment of "Count Your Blessings"; a reminder that I take to heart whenever I see this musical.

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Last December, a nearby (60 miles away) theater started showing classic movies. "White Christmas" was one of the first they did. My wife and I took our two children to see it. We had a great time. It is a very fun movie. When Bing and Danny Kaye do the "sisters" number we nearly fell out of our seats laughing. Even though that comes fairly early in the film, the movie never runs out of gas. We look forward to watching it on TCM Friday night.


Unfortunately, the theater has discontinued its classic films policy.

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I loved that scene, but i have Question you know the scene where they were all on the train and singing the song snow When Danny was singing At first it sounded alittle bit like Bing's voice not his ,was there a audio problem? i know I wasn't imaging it Because I was thinking I have Danny sing before he had a good voice.



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