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Burning DVDs


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Cinemascope, I'm assuming here that you do not have one of the TiVo units with the DVD burner, right? I had one of those for a while, and it was fairly easy to use...but I ended up getting rid if it because the DVD burner part of the unit was not very reliable and I ended up buring alot of coasters.


Assuming that you have a standard TiVo unit, then you will need a DVD recorder/burner unit to burn DVDs. This goes for if you are recording directly off of TV onto a DVD recorder...or if you are recording from TiVo onto a DVD recorder.


After I got rid of my TiVo with a DVD burner, still had two TiVo units - both of them 80 hour 'standard' TiVos.


Now, I use them mainly to record things I want to watch and delete as opposed to burn to DVD (I generally use the hard disk on my DVD recorder/burner to accumulate ONLY progams I want to burn, and use that unit to burn stuff - not to watch anything). But I have transferred a film from TiVo to my DVD recorder, and then burned it to DVD without any problems. You just need another set of cables like these here:


http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat%5Fid=2020&sku=29109 to run between the TiVo and the DVD recorder.


I also believe there is a way to transfer programming from your TiVo to your computer hard disk...and burn DVDs from there (assuming you have a burning drive and appropriate software). But I have never done that myself.


You could probably get information on how to do it, however, at the TiVo forums located here:




If it concerns TiVo, the gang there knows how to do it! Trust me! *lol*

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The one feature of a digital video recorder (mine is made by Toshiba) I have discovered is very useful is the "timeslip" function. The "timeslip" allows recording a program to disk drive AND viewing the recorded program almost at the same time (a minimum ten second lag). This means watching the program at any point (time-wise) I choose. The function is, of course, useful for skipping through commercials (give the recorder a thirty minute head start), pausing to take the half dozen bathroom breaks per two hour program (something I require), starting the recording and looking at other things (or, nothing in particular) and picking up the broadcast at the beginning of the show. The useful "timeslip" things I have mentioned...well, everybody know about those things. Here is one really useful use for the "timeslip" function. Okay, you see somebody in the movie and you think, "I know that actor...damn it...what's the name?!" With "timeslip" you can scoot back to the beginning of the movie, look at the cast list and decide who is who and figure out the name of the mystery person. And it is great! After the satisfaction of immediately solving a mystery, I can spend the next ten minutes trying to re-acquire the "return to program" moment.



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Yes, that makes sense.


I guess my OP didn't go into a lot of detail... yes I have a DirecTV receiver/TiVo and I guess the easiest way for me is to buy a DVD recorder and just get some cables.


The other option (which apparently would involve the TiVo Desktop software) probably isn't as practical for me right now...


Thanks again! =)

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