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"The Young Raja"


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Valentino R Us, otterhere!


I am a huge Valentino fan, and am always ready to chat about him or his films.


If you enjoyed "Beyond the Rocks" or "The Young Rajah", you will LOVE several other Valentino films. "The Young Rajah" is not anywhere near his best work...and of course, so much of that film is missing that it's not the best example of a feature film in any event.


"Beyond the Rocks" is a treat because of two reasons: first, because it his only teaming with Gloria Swanson, who was the biggest FEMALE star at the same time Valentino was the biggest male star...and second, because until a few years ago, it was thought to be a lost film. Miraculously, a copy turned up in Holland a couple of years ago...and the Valentino community was, of course, thrilled at the discovery.


I hope that you have either seen, or recorded this morning "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". It was on at 6 am today and comes on about twice a year - I sure hope you didn't miss it as it's arguably his best film.


The most important Valentino films are:


1. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) - launched Valentino into major star status, pretty much overnight.

2. The Sheik (1921) - made Valentino into not only a star, but really, the first male sex symbol in film history. Women all over the world noticed him in "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". Women fell in love with him in "The Sheik".

3. Blood and Sand (1922)

4. The Eagle (1925)

5. The Son of the Sheik (1926) - Valentino's last film.


Several Valentino films are available on DVD - I can tell you where to look, if you are interested. One film that you might already own, if you are a Garbo fan, is "Camille" (1921). It is a special feature on the Garbo/Robert Taylor talkie version of the film by the same name. :)

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Good grief... And here I thought I'd checked the "wee hours of the morning" schedule for this week??? Too bad they can't put the good stuff on at a time when I'm actually awake and might possibly be tuning in to watch TV; grrrr.


"Young Raja" was pretty funny with all the stills... I was like, uh, what is this; book on tape? I assume that was because much of the movie itself was lost.

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Yes, you were correct in your assumption. Alot of that film was lost.


It's really sad how many of the silents were lost - either through poor maintenance or flat-out loosing them. Back then, they had no idea that anyone would ever want to watch these films in the future. They just showed them and thought that was the end of it, pretty much. Hardly any of the silents were exactly given the best of care, except for good chunks of Chaplin's and Harold Lloyd's...and that was mainly because they kept control of their own work and took care of their films themselves! Or I should say...they took care of the ones that they had control over - some early Chaplin is missing, I think...but that was before Chaplin Studios existed and he was working for others.


There are several Valentino films that are completely missing, unfortunately.


Here is the complete list of feature length films (taken from elsewhere on TCM's website) with my own notes about what is available and what is not:


1. The Son of the Sheik (1926) as Ahmed/The Sheik - commercial DVD available (with The Sheik in same package).


2. The Eagle (1925) as Vladimir Dubrovsky - commercial DVD available


3. Cobra (1925) as Count Rodrigo Torriani - copies of this film are floating around with private collectors. Used to be available on commercial DVD, I think, but is out of print.


4. A Sainted Devil (1924) as Don Alonzo Castro - Lost film. This film is probably considered the most grevious lost film in the Valentino filmology, now that "Beyond the Rocks" has been found. There are alot of stills available from this film, and Valentino fans would be beyond thrilled if a copy were to turn up somewhere.


5. Monsieur Beaucaire (1924) as Duke De Chartres/Beaucaire - copies of this film floating around with private collectors, but no commercial release.


6. Character Studies (1923) - Rudy had a very small part (like, about 3 minutes total or something). I think this film exists in an archive or something, but my understanding is that it's not anything worth driving across country for or anything like that.


7. The Young Rajah (1922) as Amos Judd (credited as Rodolph Valentino) - plays periodically on TCM.


8. Blood and Sand (1922) as Juan Gallardo (credited as Rodolph Valentino) - commercial DVD available


9. Beyond the Rocks (1922) as Lord Bracondale (credited as Rodolph Valentino) - commercial DVD available, plays periodically on TCM - probably the second most likely film to show on TCM with any sort of regularity, after "The Four Horsemen".


10. Moran of the Lady Letty (1922) as Ramon Laredo (credited as Rodolph Valentino) - plays periodically on TCM.


11. The Sheik (1921) as The Sheik, Ahmed Ben Hassan - commercial DVD available (with The Son of the Sheik in the same package)


12. Camille (1921) as Armand Duval - commercial DVD available (special feature in Greta Garbo version)


13. Uncharted Seas (1921) as Frank Underwood - Lost film


14. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) as Julio Desnoyers - plays periodically on TCM (as in, this morning - sorry you missed it). This film is the Valentino film you are most likely to see on TCM. It is also a special feature on a documentary on Valentino that is commercially available. Odd that the film is a special feature to the documentary, but there it is! *lol*


15. The Conquering Power (1921) as Charles Grandet - copies of this film floating around with private collectors, but no commercial release. I think this is occasionally played on TCM also.


16. Stolen Moments (1920) as Jose Dalmarez (credited as Rudolph Valentine) - plays periodically on TCM.


17. The Wonderful Chance (1920) as Joe Klingsby (credited as Rudolph DeValentino) - Lost film.


18. Once to Every Woman (1920) as Juliantimo - Lost film.


19. Passion's Playground (1920) as Prince Angelo Della Robbia (credited as Rudolph Valentine) - Lost film.


20. An Adventuress (1920) as Jerrold (credited as R. De Valentina) - one copy exists in an archive in New York, I believe, but it's viewable only by appointment.


21. Eyes of Youth (1919) as Clarence Morgan (credited as Rudolfo Valentino) - copies of this film are floating around with private collectors.


22. Nobody Home (1919) as Maurice Rennard (credited as Rodolph Valentine) - Lost film.


23. The Big Little Person (1919) as Arthur Endicott (credited as M. Rodolpho De Valentina) - Lost film.


24. The Married Virgin (1918) as Count Roberto Di San Fraccini (credited as Rodolfo di Valentini) - this film commercially available on DVD.


25. All Night (1918) as Richard Thayer (credited as Rodolfo di Valentina) - this film available from one of the companies that sells DVDs...but I'm not sure it could be classified as "commercially available" or anything, if you know what I mean. I think it's sorta semi-pirated.


26. A Society Sensation (1918) as Dick Bradley (credited as M. Rodolpho De Valentina) - copies floating around with private collectors.



Not on TCM's list -


27. The Delicious Little Devil (1919) - special feature on "Beyond the Rocks" commercial release.




Hope this helps!


Valentino is great! I absolute adore him. And the neat thing is that in real life, he was supposed to have been a REALLY nice, kind and generous person. I hope you get to see more of his films!

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Again - and this happens to me so often - this is a film I wasn't even planning to watch because it sounded vaguely "political" (I'm one of those who was bored by the war story lines in both "Gone With the Wind" and "Doctor Zhivago," LOL) yet ended up thoroughly enjoying... It's always worth giving these unknowns a try!!!

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Hi pktrekgirl,


I saw your list of Valentino films and noticed you have #17 - The Wonderful Chance - listed as a lost film. I assure you it's not. I have a copy on VHS (that I transferred to DVD-r). I found it on eBay and took a chance (no pun intended) and it turned out to be the Valentino film. It is possibly missing the opening credits but fades in on an illustrated title card which read "His Wonderful Chance." Rudy sports a mustache in this one and it is done in modern dress. It's a gangster/crime story and Rudy plays the notorious crook Joe Klingsby. My copy also has an organ score on it. The picture quality is so-so. It also has a "VB" logo in the bottom right corner of the frame if that will help you to locate a copy for yourself.



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Hi pktrekgirl,


I'm not picking on you, honestly. If you are a Valentino fan, as I am, you will want to know that all of his films from 1922 and earlier are in the public domain and, if available, can be released by any video company. I offer this in response to your remark about "All Night." As a heads up, a reliable company is Grapevine Video. Jack Hardy, the owner, offers many of these orphaned films and has just moved into the DVD realm with a couple of new releases. He also has many DVD-r films available as well. I've dealt with him for years without a single complaint. He is a courteous and thoughtful man and at one time had the largest catalog of silent films available in the world (before he retired). Fortunately his customers coaxed him into coming out of retirement and he now offers DVD-r and DVD copies of films formerly available only on VHS.



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Sorry for not getting back to this thread for so long. I've been out of the country and have been posting in only a limited number of threads.


This is very good to know. I'll have to see if I can find a copy though, because I've never seen one...and I've asked around among private collectors quite a bit, and checked ebay for Valentino stuff every so often as well.


I am excited to have been wrong about "The Wonderful Chance" - now there is a Valentino film out there that I haven't seen! Something to look forward to! YAY!


Thanks for letting me know! :)

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