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"All the President's Movies"-(their favorite's)


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(*-always denotes *Academy Award winner)


Yes, I've written/posted this fun topic before & not only on TCM. However, given whats currently going on in Washington, D.C. & around the United States, I felt it was a good moment to post it again.


This was actually a PBS special a few years back & titled the same




Their data displayed, only went back as far as Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a bona-fide moviefan & had many close friends in HOLLYWOOD!


1st FDR's-(l882-l945) & Term-(l933-45) & his fav. motion picture was: "Snow White and the & Dwarfs" (l937-Walt Disney/RKO) & Eleanor later confessed that he had a secret crush on Myrna Loy-(l905-93)


2. Harry Truman-(l884-l972-(1945-53) Not really a moviebuff/fan like the great FDR, but did love Westerns, especially "My Darling Clementine" (l946-Fox)


3. Dwight D. Eisenhower-(l890-l969)-(l953-61) Like Harry, not particularly a movielover, but did like Westerns the most & "High Noon" (l952-UA) was said to be his own favourite.


4. John F. Kennedy-(l9l7-63)-(l961-63) "Bad Day at Black Rock" (l955-M-G-M)-(GREAT CHOICE!!!), *"Bridge on the River Kwai" (l957-Columbia) & "Spartacus" (l960-



5. Lyndon B. Johnson-(l908-73)-(l963-69) LBJ was not a moviefan & only cited a documentary about himself


6. Richard M. Nixon-(l9l3-94)-(l969-74) Greatly admired *"Patton" (l970) & reportedly watch it over & over & his ideal actor i.e. "Americana' was *Henry Fonda-(l905-82) & *Sinatra was somewhat pals w/him, but more-so due to VP Spiro Agnew & strangely, "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason"-(l9l6-87) was pals w/Nixon? & it's true that the then pres. even took Gleason to Area 51.


7. Gerald Ford-(l9l2-2015)-(l974-77) Nothing as yet known?


8. Jimmy Carter-(l924-)& Term (l977-8l) ???


9. Ronald Reagan-(l9ll-2004) & (l98l-89) My fellow "Irishman's" actual Hollywood hero was another "Irish" *James Cagney-(l899-l986) & Reagan's all-time fav. movie was: "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946-RKO Radio)-(P.S. & he & Nancy, were the first big fans, so much so they had a state of the art theatre/screening room upgraded$$$ (TRIVIA: Many probably know this, but *Jack L. warner-(l892-l978) originally had Reagan & Ann Sheridan-(l9l5-68) all set for *"Casablanca" & he made approx. 50 himself



10. George H.W. Bush-(l924-) & term (l989-93) Bush,Sr. loved the 1981 *Oscar sweeping *"Chariots of Fire' over any others


11. Bill Clinton-(l946-) (l993-2001) Bill always insists he & Hillary Clinton, were the 1st true movielovers to occupy "The White House"-(but what about RR?)

& they even went so far as to upgrade-(even further) the theatre$$$ Don't know about the possible future U.S. President-(Hillary), but Bill always picked "High Noon"


12. George W. Bush-(l945-) (2001-2009) Always claimed the superb WW11 epic "Saving Private Ryan" (l998) was his own highnote of THE MOVIES!


13. Barack 0bama-(l96l-) (2009-2017) Now, I agree w/our current pres. 0bama on his all-timer 1972's *"The Godfather"-(as *Tom Hanks said in '98's "You've Got Mail" That *"GF1" "Is The I Chin 0f All Life & Wisdom" unquote (P.S. For me "Kane" is the greatest motion picture ever produced, but this is my A #1)


14. ?????



& I THANK YOU-(please comment)

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