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What films do you think TCM does not show enough?


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I figured since we have an "overplayed" thread going, we might as well have this one. Let's see what kinds of wars and misunderstandings start on this one. :-)


Off the top of my head, I would say Ben Hur, West Side Story, South Pacific. To Kill A Mockingbird probably belonged on the overplayed thread for a while, but I haven't seen it scheduled for a couple of months. I'll probably think of many more, but that will get us started.

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More obscure Bogie for example:


Underworld USA

It all came true

the Black Legion

Dead end

the amazing Dr. Clitterhouse


anything that is not currently on DVD or Video is key.....



More John Wayne westerns from the 1930's for example:

The Big Trail

Three Musketeer serial

there are tons that arent on DVD and very hard to find....his very early work would be great......

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1. Pretty much any of the silents except for 'the big three' silent comedians. The 'big three' get enough air time...although even they don't get too much or anything.


Bottom line is that 1 timeslot a week for silents is just not enough, IMO.


2. Early films of some of the big stars - we don't see nearly enough early Cary Grant and Gary Cooper, for example. These guys' film careers did not start in the late 30's! Let's see some of the stuff from the early 30's! I watched two early (1934) Cary Grant films this weekend from the new boxed set and they were GREAT - I'd take either one of them any day over "Bringing Up Baby" showing number 9,853,692.


And these guys are just the two examples that spring to mind because they are so near and dear to my heart. I'm sure this is the case with alot of the big stars. The same half-dozen films over and over again...and the earlier ones virtually ignored, except for one showing every couple of years or something.

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I don't think Bogie made a film called "Underworld USA". You might be thinking of either "Deadline USA" or "King of the Underworld". ;)


I think they play "King of the Underworld" a reasonable amount...but "Deadline USA" has been shown about once in the past couple of years. Same with a few others, like "Crime School", which happens to be a good film!


I don't think I've EVER seen "The Black Legion" on TCM. Might have shown, but certainly not very often.

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Okay, since Brad asks, I'm going to give my opinion. I hope nobody will interpret this post as a complaint, even if it reads a little whiney. Like I said on the mirror thread, I do think TCM does an excellent job in programming.


Off the top of my head, I wish TCM would show other Katharine Hepburn films besides just The Philadelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, and the small handful of Tracy-Hepburns shown constantly. On most lists of the greatest leading ladies, Hepburn is in the top 3. So why so little exposure for so many of her good films? For example, in the two years that Kate H. has been on my TiVo list, the first time I remember Mary of Scotland being shown was about a week ago as part of the John Ford tribute. Similarly, I seemed to spend ages watching my TiVo list before TCM finally showed The Sea of Grass, a fine (but heavy) Tracy-Hepburn combo.


In fact, pick almost any classic star who did more than 50 films and you could probably find at least one fairly good movie in their repertoire--(I'm not even talking one- or two-star films here)--that TCM hasn't shown for years. And even if you didn't find a good film, you could probably find one that would draw a decent-sized audience.


For example, given all of Joan Crawford's notoriety and icon status, it amazes me that TCM shows the same 8 or so of her titles again and again while rarely playing the others. Why so much Johnny Guitar? What about Crawford's films from the 30's? In the years she has been on my TiVo list, I have yet to notice TCM airing Love on the Run with Gable and Franchot Tone, The Shining Hour, or any number of other films that would probably be big draws for her fans.


The point I am trying to make is not so much about these particular films. I am sure someone could look at their old schedules and prove me wrong as to some of my examples (e.g., "TCM just showed Love on the Run last March"). My point is really that classic film buffs tend to focus on stars more than scripts, and that TCM might think more like a classic film buff in its programming, particularly for late-night and daytime hours. So, for example, TCM programmers might evaluate the following on a periodic basis:


1. Who are the most popular classic stars?


2. For the stars identified, which of their available movies haven't been shown recently?


3. Would the movies attract and hold an audience?


TCM could then shoehorn the selected movies into one of its kooky "theme" nights--e.g., "fox hunting" or "clog dancing," or "pile-driving," or "set in Des Moines." That way the star's fans wouldn't have to wait ten years or so until the next time their star was featured as the monthly theme.

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I already mentioned it before (and so have others) -- try to spend more time programming movies that are NOT ON VIDEO or have NEVER BEEN RELEASED ON DVD.


Everything else we can always get from Netflix or some other video store, if it's not scheduled to show on TCM.... but when it comes to the stuff that's not easy to rent/buy, then we have to rely more heavily on TCM.


Some examples of movies that TCM could be showing more often that aren't out on DVD (no official U.S. release, at least):


He Who Gets Slapped

The Big Parade

Napoleon (1927)

A Foreign Affair/Ace in the Hole (2 Billy Wilder movies not on DVD)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962)

Green Mansions (Audrey Hepburn)

The Yellow Rolls-Royce

Two Rode Together (missing from John Ford retrospective)

Gaby (Leslie Caron)

Lady L (Sophia Loren, Paul Newman & David Niven!)

Kismet (1955)

Brewster McCloud


These are just off the top of my head, they are all movies that I was fortunate to watch on TCM, wish I could see on TCM, or have had to track down on LaserDisc because they're not out on DVD....

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I would love to see some Lillian Gish films such as BROKEN BLOSSOMS ( one of the most heartbreaking films ever) , WHALES OF AUGUST ( not the greatest film but seeing Gish and Bette Davis is such a treat), THE WIND (Noone could act with their eyes like Gish could). I would love to see a more varied list on the TCM Imports. THE TIN DRUM, PONETTE, LA NUIT DA VARIENNE (sp?), LA BOUCHRE, BABETTES FEAST, EUROPA,EUROPA.

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Amen and amen to all of that, CineFan!!! The point of TCM, to me, is to see things one can't see anywhere else... Our local rental selection is pretty lame (hardly any foreign, silent, indi, or documentary), and I'd love to see TCM supplement its classic B&Ws with intelligent films rather than the latest, uh, stuff one can see currently (or recently) at any small-town, strip-mall multiplex...

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TCM is playing Brewster McCloud, The Big Parade (which is coming to DVD this winter) and Ace in the Hole during the next three months. Keep an eye on the schedule.


Brewster McCloud will be shown as part of the Robert Altman tribute in two weeks.

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Talking about Lyle Talbot...

I watched a Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot DVD last night--"A Shriek In The Night".

Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot are newshounds/sleuths/dear friends and/or lovers. And when Rogers and Talbot appear together...they are a hoot. "A Shriek In The Night" is a public domain title, unlikely to be broadcast on TCM, but would be one of my choices for a TCM showing.


Talking about Sam Fuller...

I would like TCM to broadcast the Sam Fuller movie, "The Baron Of Arizona". Vincent Price stars. The movie is on OOP VHS, not on DVD. Please...TCM programmer...consider scheduling "The Baron Of Arizona".


A more recent movie and one of the best "feel good" movies I've seen...

"Local Hero" from 1983. On VHS and DVD, but what the heck...the movie is great and deserves a commercial free and original presentation television showing. Note, I don't subscribe to pay channels. And here is a classic movie connection...stars Burt Lancaster.


One more movie and a good movie for all age groups...

"The Secret Of Roan Inish". No classic movie connection, but I consider the "The Secret Of Roan Inish" a classic. A good film for viewers never exposed to the work of John Sayles (the director).


I know the topic is "show enough" and I have chosen four films TCM has never broadcast, but every film TCM schedules has to have a premiere.



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Yeah I was aware that some of them were coming up in the next few months... =)


Generally I was just trying to list the kind of movie that's all but impossible to watch unless it's shown on cable/satellite, because it is either not on DVD or has never been released to video at all.


I was a bit frustrated last month, when a letterboxed Laserdisc of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) was sold on eBay, and went for $270. (I kid you not!) Granted, it may not be Vincente Minelli's finest movie, but it would still be nice to see it in its original aspect ratio.


And sometimes it just blows the mind that DVDs have been around for almost a decade now and yet there's a lot of stuff that's never been released.... and now we're on the brink of the HD home video era... *sigh*

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