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I enjoy these types of video stores because, unlike the chains, they have a wider variety of movies. I bring this up because I've seen frequent mentions of "Brewster McCloud" going through the posts of the past several days. This has most likely been bought up due to the death of Robert Altman. I was in a large mom-and-pop video store a few towns away from me a little over a year ago and I bought a used copy of "Brewster McCloud". It was a very old release in the old Big Silver box that MGM used back in its' early video days. It cost me $24.95 to buy, and that was a discount, because the owner told me that it cost them somewhere in the mid-60 dollar range to get ONE copy of it back in the 80s.


So, does anybody have any stories of finding classic movies at mom-and-pop video stores.

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I used to work at a mom-and-pop type video store in the late '80's-early 90's. The store had a large selection of classics and I saw many of my favorites for the first time when I worked there. We could take home any movie that we wanted for free as long as it wasn't a new release. It was wonderful. I remember all the MGM musicals came in those big plastic cases.


Sandy K

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You have to be kidding about Mom and Pop video stores. Where I live, about 30 miles SW of Chicago, there is no such thing in existence. Hollywood video and Blockbuster have run them all out. I remember back in the 80's there were a lot around, but now, nada.



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