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Okay...here goes nothing.


When I was growing up in the 70's, there was this show called DIALING FOR DOLLARS on the local ABC affiliate. Basically, they showed B-movies and gave away junk around the commercial breaks. One day, I THINK I saw a scene from one of the movies, but the memory is so vague...who knows...it could have been a dream!


Anyway...please tell me if this scene sounds familiar. Could have been from some 60's exploitation flick...or a really bad suspense film...or something like that...DFD used to show a lot of AIP type stuff.


Here's the scene. There's a little boy sitting next to what looks like a train transformer...and there's a fuse connected to it and it's lit. In the background, his mother is sitting in a chair and playing a harp. The boy is shoving cupcakes in his mouth as we see the fuse pass his knees. All of a sudden, it explodes setting the room on fire -- killing the boy and the mother instantly.


I know...sounds bizarre...but I swear I saw it. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Please give me a title so I can hit the IMDB.



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Are you sure the kid died because there was a black comedy Arrivederci, Baby! with Tony Curtis but his character was the kid but was the one that set the bomb and grew-up ,throughout the movie married and murdered his wives T.CM. database has the complete synopsis.

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Thank you Mary!!! Yes That's it! Arrivederci Baby! My memory was a bit foggy but that's the movie!


Now...I have to find it. Unfortunately, it's not out on DVD and chances are TCM won't be showing it because it's a PARAMOUNT film. Oh well...someday.



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