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PLEASE! Looking for Magnificent Music?


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Anyone out there remember Robert Osborne showing a black and white movie last summer where a guy tries to get into Music Heaven? He has to go before all the past genious composers and proove to them his style of music is worthy, as it is afterall, from the classical roots they all composed? Thanks to ANYONE who can help! I want to show this to a high school orchestra class! Is the name wrong? Can I buy this?

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Using IMDB I looked for plots with music heaven as the keywords and came up with this:


Bandleader/singer/songwriter Ted Barry arrives in heaven. The receptionist tells him that before he can take his place in the Hall of Music, a committee must review his work and decide whether he is worthy of admittance. The committee comprises the following classical composers: Chairman Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Niccol? Paganini, Johannes Brahms, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Franz Liszt, Fr?d?ric Chopin, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Johann Strau? Sr., and Johann Strau? Jr. The chief criterion for admittance is that Barry's music must 'stand the test of time,' as their music has. They don't believe that the popular music of the day will meet this standard. Barry is given ten minutes to write a composition. Joy, an angel who is a big fan of his, helps him write a song ("Heavenly Music") in the popular style


Heavenly Music - 1943 - 22 minutes long, no name stars.

Sounds like the one you're looking for.



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It is HEAVENLY MUISIC. I recall seeing this short several months ago and it is just as the IMDB summary describes it. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's been released on VHS or DVD, but, if not, you can try requesting that TCM show it again or check the Festival of Shorts listings in the Monthly Program listings.

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