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Lucy's Singing Voice


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Lucy can sing- better in movies than in the I Love Lucy TV shows. She really had a beautiful voice, and she could dance too. She should have done more of this in the movies. On TCM it was said that Lucy was only given secondhand roles in movies, but she gave her all in what she did. I thoroughly agree, as her acting really shines, (and in my opinion, it stands out sometimes over other actors and actresses.) In the movie, "The Long, Long Trailer", Lucy and Ricky get into an argument over the directions she gave him. She says, "You want to make a right here left". I understand what she is saying. Watching her, she really gives me a belly laugh, if I can say it that way. I wish she was still living today, but we can enjoy her still on movies and television. "Beeta Meeta Vitavegimen. It's tasty too!"

What a sensational actress!

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I hate to burst any bubbles created by Hollywood magic, but though Lucille Ball was a gifted comedienne, was a gorgeous showgirl, and was an underrated dramatic actress; she admitted to being a poor singer and dancer. She would often corrected those who called her a dancer, by replying seriously, "I was a 'showgirl' not a dancer." It's rare to hear her singing voice on the screen. They dubbed her voice with Gloria Grafton's for Best Foot Forward and Meet the People; and Martha Mears was her singing voice in DuBarry Was a Lady and Big Street... Nevertheless I do love the work of Lucy!

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